• "The route markings were the best of any ride I've ever been on. Thank you for that, and for a beautiful, well-organized ride."
  • »"Thank you for your understanding and professionalism in handling my request. You exceeded my expectations."
  • »"Also, your organization, Bike Va., has put together an excellent product that can rival any on the East coast."
  • »"The attention to detail, safety factors, and dedicated staff, are impressive and appreciated."
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Visit this area for first time rider information on the Bike Virginia Tour. You’re sure to love this cycling event.

Harmony In Motion Women’s Road Bike Clinic offered at Bike Virginia 2014

Exclusive Cycling Clinic Offered at Bike Virginia Bike Virginia has partnered with advocates, coaches, and professional women cyclists to provide a unique women's coaching experience, Harmony in Motion, a women specific cycling clinic, at this year's Bike Virginia Tour, June 20, 21, and 22, 2014. The clinic cycling experience is offered at Bike Virginia for the first time in 2014. The camp is offered in sin ...

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Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Can Be A Success With Bike Virginia

Taking a bike tour is the ultimate reward for getting in shape and the best fitness goal you can have.  Bike Virginia's Annual 6 Day bike tour is perfect to set your sights on for a healthy 2014. We can help you conquer that "I'm going to exercise" New Year's Resolution like never before! Bike riding is an excellent exercise because it's not hard on your joints, it's self paced, it's affordable, you get to ...

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The Bike Va Tour Makes a Great Training Goal for Cyclists

Cyclists from across the US head to Virginia each year to take part in the Bike Virginia Tour. For some it is the culmination of months of training, for others the tour is a training tool. Whether a great training goal, a prize and reward for hard work in the springtime or a concentrated block of cycling that helps you become a stronger rider, there's nothing else quite like the tour experience. Be surround ...

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Packing List For Bike Camping Trip / Tour

We get lots of questions about what to pack for a bike tour camping trip. Here are the staff suggestions: Note: at Bike Virginia we transport your camping gear/luggage, so there's no need to carry these items on your bike. Camping Supplies:   Tent and sleeping materials Tarp to put beneath your tent Chair (must fit within your bag). Plastic bag for keeping your clothes dry (or drybag style luggage). Second ...

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Strategy for Snacks in the Saddle

A well balanced diet is important for all cyclists, regardless of your ride intensity or duration. Eating frequently in the saddle is the key for a steady stream of energy to the muscles. Smart snacking will prevent those up and downs and allow you to power through the course. As a cyclist, if you are hungry your energy levels have spiraled downward - eat up to fuel up! Select whole foods! Whole foods provi ...

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To Team or Not To Team?

Biking Teams at the Bike Virginia Event You’ll notice a team registration option for the Bike Virginia Tour but teams at the event are not of the typical cycling team kind. Bike Virginia is a leisure ride, not a race. That’s the big difference. Yes, plenty of racers ride the tour, but at this one we go off the premise of fun, not speed. It’s all about the joy of riding and seeing new places. Team registrati ...

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Food for Fuel: Nutrition to Energize Your Ride

Christine Turpin, RD, LDN, CSCS writes about nutrition for Bike Va. Good fuel can be the missing link for having great bike rides. See what she has to say about the importance about pre-ride fuel, hydration, and post ride recovery. Food for Fuel:  Nutrition to Energize Your Bike Ride   Fueling on the bike is not a one size fits all package and what works best for you may not be ideal for your riding pa ...

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A great bike tour for women riders

More women are discovering the joys of bike riding every day. It's so great to see ladies of all ages, sizes, shapes, and abilities enjoying this great sport. I've been a rider for over 20 years and spend a lot of time getting new riders into the sport, helping women overcome the common fears and things that intimidate us. That experience is one of the things that makes me love Bike Virginia. I've been Exec ...

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Martin – “Father and Son”

In June, 2009, my son, Andrew, my brother-in-law, Fran, and I went on the Bike Virginia 2009 bike ride.  That year the tour was from Charlottesville to Culpepper to Orange and back into Charlottesville. I took many pictures, but I will describe our experience with Bike Virginia with the following 5 pictures. Picture 1 is an example of a really nice rest step.  It is away from the road, well stocked with wat ...

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Rider Voice: Jarla – “It Takes a Village”

Every year as BVA approaches I worry. Can I still climb up the hills? Will I get lost? Will I find anyone with whom to ride? Will packet pick-up at Registration go smoothly? For the past several years I have been in charge of the volunteers who work with me at Registration on Friday and Saturday. That’s usually 45 folks, many repeat volunteers, who work shifts 2 to 8 hours with smiles and great energy. (The ...

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