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Luggage delivery at tent city


Bike Virginia will transport your camping luggage to the next Headquarters location on moving day. You will bring your luggage to the Luggage Truck at the camping area on move day before 8:00 am. Host Town assistants will load your bag onto the trailer. Then you will hit the road to enjoy the tour. When you arrive at Headquarters 2 in the next town, your luggage will be there waiting. Campers are limited to 2 duffel bags that weigh no more than 50 lbs each.

At check-in, you will be provided a camping luggage tag kit. One might ask how we coordinate so many bags. Luggage will be sorted into rows when it is unloaded. The row assignment is based on the color of your Bike Virginia luggage tag. So as long as you know your tag color, you’ll know which row your luggage is in.

Camping cyclists are allowed to bring TWO bags weighing no more than 50 lbs each for the week. Generally, one will contain your clothes and one will contain your camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, etc). Separate tent poles and other individual items will not be transported between towns. Remember: no cooking equipment is allowed in Headquarters. If you are camping with a friend, maybe you can limit your bags to three by sharing your camping bag. Trash cans, plastic bins, etc will not be allowed.

Volunteers will be handling your luggage for you. Please be kind to our luggage crews. Creative packing is a win-win situation for all.

Specialty Camping Services

Additional camping luggage services are available through vendor CYCLING LOGISTICS. ” LET THE LLAMA LUG YOUR LOAD”. The service offers transport of gear (two bags and one camp chair) from camp to camp, access to power (AC or DC) for cell phone charging, complimentary morning coffee (the best llama java around), mechanical assistance short of an overhaul, hot water upon request, plus a place to hang out after the ride and in the evening, and that ever important cooler space (no silly, not the whole cooler) for your beverages. Only 40 spaces available, so book fast. More info can be found at www.cyclinglogistics.com

Mayberry Sherpa discontinued operation in 2013. We have a new camping service joining us for 2014.  Padres Cycle Inn will be providing the tour with First Class Tent and Hospitality Accommodations.

Hotel Lodging

Bike Virginia will offer a Hotel Luggage Transfer service.  If you select this service we will pick up your luggage from your “official hotel” and transport it to the next “official hotel” at our next Headquarters location.  This service can be purchased through Alpine Cycle Connection when you register for you hotel.  The fee for luggage transfer will be announced in Fall 2013.

Pets are not allowed on Bike Virginia. This is due to health department code in most locations, and for the overall safety and wellness of your pet. 

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