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Getting around should be an afterthought while you’re on the tour. The only thing you need to focus on is riding, eating and relaxing.

We will run shuttles to most activities, so you can park your car and leave it for the duration of the tour.  All scheduled information will be included in your registration packet.

Hotel shuttles start early in the morning (typically 6am-9am), hotel and activity shuttles start again in the afternoon and evening (1pm-10pm).  Shuttle times may vary depending on the activities for each day. Hotel shuttle service is fee based.

Sightseeing shuttles will run from Headquarters to entertainment activities each day.  Please note that the locations each day may or may not have food, so if you want to ensure you have food each evening you should either pack it in or buy meals plans with your registration. Sightseeing shuttles are free to participants.

How the Shuttles work

Sightseeing Shuttle

If you are at Headquarters and would like to head out and sightsee for the evening all you have to do is hop on a bus. It will take you to experience the local flavor of the area we are visiting (this could be a town, historic site, or something fun and quirky).  The areas we go to for sightseeing may or may not have food. Some of the towns we will be visiting this year are very small and may have very limited dining options.  If you don’t plan on packing your own dinners you may want to consider including the all inclusive meals plan with your registration.  This will ensure you have dinner each night before you head out on the shuttle.  Sightseeing shuttles are included in your registration.  No additional bus pass is required to ride this shuttle, simply show the driver your wristband as you enter the bus.

Hotel Shuttle

All hotel shuttles will be coordinated through Alpine Cycle Connection.  You can book them right along with your hotel when you call the folks at Alpine Cycle Connection (970-626-9913).  These shuttles will carry you back and forth from your hotel to Headquarters each day.  Please note that they will only carry you, not your bike.  Bus passes will be required to ride the hotel shuttle and is fee based.

Car Retrieval Shuttle on Move days

We may offer car retrieval shuttles during the 2014 tour on move days. This service is under planning right now. More details soon.

Airport Shuttle

If you would like a shuttle from the airport to our headquarters please contact Alpine Cycle Connection and they can get you squared away,  (970 626-9913).

Note: Event Shuttles do not carry bicycles; due to limited space we can only carry people (not to mention we wouldn’t want the liability of scratching your new Trek!).

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