About the Tour

Roger Sattler our jersey designer with two riders


The Bike Virginia Tour will celebrate 25 years in 2012!

The Tour is an annual road bike ride that’s all about fun and exploration. We travel around the state to a new spot each year so you can learn the fascinating history and see the amazing scenery. The 2012 tour will mark 25 years of history for our event!

On the tour, riders enjoy an average of 50 miles of scenic bike routes per day for 5 days and on one or two days you’ll even have a chance to ride 100 miles, a full century, if that’s your kind of fun. (But don’t worry, only about 500 of our 2,000 riders choose to do century.  You won’t be alone if that’s not your cup of tea).

During the day you’ll roll by beautiful farmland, manicured vineyards and even have a chance to visit interesting locations and historical spots for your rest stops. Lunch will be served to you along the route at a “hand picked” venue.

If you can’t make the entire tour, consider joining for a day or two through our “Day Rider” Registration option. Read more about what’s included in registration here…

Cyclists taking part in the tour will camp or book reservations in an official Bike Virginia hotel. Read more about the accommodations here…

Evening entertainment and other non-riding activities are an exciting part of our bike tour. We are making our special entertainment plans for 2012 right now.

In 2011 our riders enjoyed a motor speedway race, a baseball game, and visiting two of Virginia’s biggest college campuses.

The Bike Virginia tour is something you’ll never forget! Our riders come back year after year to see their friends from around the globe and to explore new regions. Join us. You’ll be sure to make memories that last a lifetime.

Visit the gallery and watch our video to see what all the buzz is about.

The Bike Virginia Tour is organized by BikeWalk VA, a non-profit bicycle and pedestrian organization that works towards making Virginia a safer place to bike and walk.