Planning Your Bike Tour

If you’re ready for an adventure of epic proportions, join us for the 2012 Bike Virginia Tour!

Our tour is a “big loop” ride. We have 2-3 Host Town locations. We start in one town, spend a 2-3 days enjoying the host community’s routes and entertainment, then travel to another town and do it again.Finally, on the 5th day of riding we make our way back to our original host town. It’s like a rolling bike circus, entertainment included! 

Our Tour is “All about the riding”. Our second favorite thing is taking our rides to see historical/ interesting sites that are unique to the area we are visiting.

You’ll enjoy the cream of the crop of rides. Distance vary each day and on most days you have 2 options for riding. While riding you’ll  visit sites such as museums, parks, historic homes, wineries, and other cool places.

Bike Virginia has a cap of 2,000 riders. Registration fills up quick so be sure to get your place. You can register for all 5 days or sign up for single days. Dive into our website for all the details and visit often for the latest news and planning information.

If you’re new to the Tour we offer some thoughts on first time registration and other planning details and have a Frequently Asked Questions page.