Bike Shipping

If you are flying to Bike Virginia or don’t want the hassle of traveling with your bike, we encourage you to ship your bike to Virginia.  Bike Virginia has teamed up with High Country Shipping and once again with the Bike Stop for coordinated bike shipping and assembly/disassembly services.

Place a shipping order online with High Country Shipping or call 877.231.1363.  HCS will manage all Fed-Ex shipping details, send shipping labels in advance, arrange for timely pick-up, monitor each shipment to insure its on-time arrival and send an e-mail when your bike arrives in Virginia at the Bike Stop.

The Bike Stop will then have your ride professionally built, ready to ride and waiting for you upon your arrival at Bike Virginia’s Tent City. The Bike Stop will have a booth conveniently located at both the start and finish of Bike Virginia for distribution and collection of bikes for shipping.

After Bike Virginia has ended, High Country Shipping will arrange for return shipping through the Bike Stop.

Follow the link below for bike shipping pricing info & ship-by dates to Bike Virginia 2012

877.231.1363 High Country Shipping

540.825.2105 Bike Stop