2019 Bike Virginia Tour RV Parking Pass



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The Bike Virginia RV Parking Pass is sold separately from registration.


For 2019 there will be EXTREMELY LIMITED parking for recreational vehicles (RV’s) at both Headquarters!

  • At HQ1 there will only be DRY CAMPING available.
  • At HQ2 there will only be DRY CAMPING available.


How do I purchase my RV Parking Pass?

You just need to know two things before you make your selection:

  1. Which 2019 Bike Virginia Tour package you have registered** for.
  2. Your RV camping services preference (DRY CAMPING)

**2019 Tour registration not included with purchase… you must register separately

Which RV Parking Pass do I buy?

  • If you are registered for the 3-DAY WEEKEND, then purchase the HQ1 Weekend RV Parking Pass (Woodstock)
  • If you are registered for the 3-DAY WEEKDAY, then purchase the HQ2 Weekday RV Parking Pass (Harrisonburg)
  • If you are registered for the 6-DAY TOUR, then you would need to purchase BOTH passes, one for HQ1 Weekend (Woodstock) and one for HQ2 Weekday (Harrisonburg)

What is the difference between DRY CAMPING and FULL HOOKUPS?

  • DRY CAMPING means you can park and sleep in your car, truck or RV, in an area specially designated for RV Parking, but that there are no hookups for water or electricity.

My truck has a sleeper and fits in a car-sized parking space, can I just sleep in it?

If you plan to camp in a vehicle, you will need to purchase an RV Parking Pass and park in the area specifically designated for RVs.

RV’s come in different shapes, sizes, and classes…

Indeed!  We will be sending a followup survey by email to ask you important information about your vehicle(s) and the driver(s) so that we may plan for your arrival.



HQ1 (Woodstock), HQ2 (Harrisonburg)