Bike Virginia Rider Safety Program

An enjoyable bike tour should be both fun and safe. Making a tour for 2,000 people safe requires considerable planning, thoughtful policy development and event structure. Inappropriate and illegal behavior on the tour can lead to increased risk for the rider and others as well as create roadway problems such as traffic congestion and even road rage.

1. Safety messaging in all newsletters and other communication to registered riders.

2. Definitive publicity of nature of ride as tour not race or race training.

2. Mandatory safety briefing at the time of check-in for all registered riders. Safety briefing to include ride policies, Virginia state cycling law and other important details about routes.

3. Number plates for riders to allow easy identification of ride policy violators and riders placing others at risk.

4. The presence of Courtesy Riders who will help monitor the course.

5. On route monitors and safety signage as needed.

6. Increased rider policies designed to protect riders and maintain the integrity of the event.

7. Rider Behavior Pledge that outlines responsibilities of attendees.

Rider Safety Policies

1. Helmets must be worn at all times when on the bike on route and in Tent City.

2. No pace line riding, no more than 1 rider drafting at a time.

3. Stay off Aero bars. No use of aero bars in the presence of other bikes allowed.

4. Single file riding when any vehicle traffic present. Double file allowed by state law when no traffic is impeded (State Law)

5. Lights required on bikes after dusk and before daylight (State Law).

6. No crossing double yellow line unless turning (State Law).

7. Riders under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

8. Riders under 12 must be on a bike with an adult.