Personal Training Service for Bike Virginia Subscribers.

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Super Sport Systems – is one of the most advanced service when it comes to special endurance / cardio training.  It is the only training methodology service which is accepted by collegiate and national level coaches in endurance sports and is used daily for preparation of elite athletes to the most challenging events, including 2012 Olympics.   3S individual training module for cyclists and riders offers the most advanced training methodology packed into easy to follow, highly individualized and result oriented daily training suggestions.

Last year subscribers to 3S Training Service reported significant improvement in endurance and ability to withstand the challenging mountain requirements of Bike Virginia stages.  

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If you have questions, simply call (804) 519-1201 and they will get you set up on the right track.

More Tips

If you are just getting started cycling, it is a good idea to sign up for local club rides. Be sure to get a medical okay before you start any training program. Start slowly on flat terrain then increase your distances and climbing as your body gets conditioned.

Clubs offer a supportive environment where you can learn about training and being on the road. Make your goal to get on the bike at least three days per week.

Winter conditioning can start on a stationary bike. Just don’t rely on this alone. You’ll need time on the road with your bike to make sure you have the proper bike handling skills and to ensure your equipment will pass the week long rigors of the tour.

Cross training can help as well, but cycling uses specific muscles groups that only get conditioned by pedaling.

Pick some fun events between now and June to help you develop training milestone.

If you live in a flat area, consider taking a few trips to an area with hills before the tour. You can also improve your climbing by doing hill repeats on lower grade terrain. Prepare yourself mentally as well. Climbing can be as much psychological as physical. Take your time.  The tour is not a race so there’s no pressure to be the first one up.

Please come physically prepared to bike 50 miles a day for five days. Accidents can be caused by fatigue. We offer SAG support for emergencies, but do not count on SAG to help you cover the distances of the routes.