• January 18, 2018

Bike Virginia Scavenger Hunt Creates Memories

Bike Virginia Scavenger Hunt Creates Memories

Bike Virginia Scavenger Hunt Creates Memories 1024 768 Bike Virginia

In 2017 Bike Virginia added a Scavenger Hunt as a way to enhance the Bike Virginia Tour experience. The Scavenger Hunt listed 30 unique experiences that challenged participants to not just bike through the Tour communities, but to get out and experience what makes them, and Bike Virginia, so unique. Yes, there were definitely biking challenges – climbing up Mt. Vesuvius won’t soon be forgotten! – but climbing into a horse-drawn carriage for a tour around town won’t be either. Those who took the challenge were hoping to win FREE ENTRY into Bike Virginia 2018.

The winners, and the only participants who completed EVERY task on the list: Miriam Ford and Lucille O’Neil. Friends who signed to ride Bike Virginia together, they decided the Scavenger Hunt would be a fun twist. Congratulations to both women! Since they did EVERY task as a team, Bike Virginia awarded both women a Six-Day Bike Virginia Ride the River Tour for 2018! Read below for a glimpse into their Scavenger Hunt experience and how participating made the most of their Bike Virginia Tour experience. (For the full interview check out the Spring Issue of Spokes Magazine, available online and around town March 1.)

What about the Scavenger Hunt appealed to you?

It looked like it would be challenging but would also add some interesting activities that we normally wouldn’t participate in. The thought of a free registration was also very appealing! -Lucille

The hunt was so much fun! One of the things I value about Bike Virginia is that it gets participants out into the host communities and support the local attractions and businesses. The hunt really did that. I loved the challenge of pulling off some of the items. At first they seemed almost impossible; we had to use our ingenuity and team skills. Along the way, we laughed so much. It makes me smile thinking about it now. -Miriam

What was your favorite memory?

Stopping in the middle of one days ride, convincing the guy at the visitor center to store our bikes in a conference room so we could take a horse drawn carriage ride through town. —Lucille

There were so many highlights, but bobbing in a kayak in bike shoes was hard to beat. —Miriam

What did you do that you wouldn’t have because of the Scavenger Hunt?

Acting like a kid doing crazy things, experiencing the area at a much deeper level. Also the teamwork needed to figure out how to fit everything in. Getting silly and creative. Slowing down a bit — worrying less about finishing the days ride than fitting more experiences in. —Lucille

The carriage ride in Lexington. It was really informative and so relaxing. —Miriam

How do you think the Scavenger Hunt changed your Bike Virginia experience?

It changed it from a multiple day ride to a vacation experience. Reminded me of some ways to have fun off my bike! —Lucille

It reinforced how much fun it is to get out into the community. I will make sure I do that with every trip. —Miriam

As the first time winners, will you do it again? Would you recommend it to other Bike Virginians?

Yes and yes. would love to do this again, it really added to the whole experience! Some of the memories are incredible. I have attached a few pictures, let me know if you want more. —Lucille

Yes! I hope you make this an on-going activity. It.was.so.much.fun! —Miriam