• "The route markings were the best of any ride I've ever been on. Thank you for that, and for a beautiful, well-organized ride."
  • »"Thank you for your understanding and professionalism in handling my request. You exceeded my expectations."
  • »"Also, your organization, Bike Va., has put together an excellent product that can rival any on the East coast."
  • »"The attention to detail, safety factors, and dedicated staff, are impressive and appreciated."
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The Bike Virginia Tour is so much more than just a bike ride. It’s the people and the amazing places. It’s a family drawn by a kindred love of exploration and the joy of being on two (or three wheels). You’ll get to meet our family here in their first hand accounts and stories. Please let us know if you would like to share something about your time with Bike Virginia.

Long Time Bike Virginia Volunteer Helps Raise Money For Wounded Warriors

You'll know her from Registration at the Bike Virginia Tour, long time Volunteer Jarla Ulman. She is one of the people that makes sure our event goes smoothly. Jarla's been with our event since 1999. She's a smiling face and helpful hand that coordinates our registration volunteers and personally helps make sure our riders have a smooth check-in and good start to their adventure. On September 8, 2013 Jarla ...

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Extra Miles and New Friends Made A Memorable Day: A Rider’s Story

This fun tale comes from Bike Virginian Bob. The 2013 tour was a his 2nd Bike Va. tour. In Bob's words: My 2013 Bike VA story comes from Tuesday.  I started out the day planning to ride the 83 mile option.  It was a nice morning and while I was tired after I left the Newcastle stop I was re-energized and pleased with the country road and the steady uphill we were experiencing.  When I get in a rhythm on a c ...

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A Back of Steel and A Lot of Determination! A Rider Story

Barbara shares her Bike Virginia 2013 story below. At Bike VA this year, I completed 307 miles in 6 days with a total of 20,000 feet elevation change.  My biggest challenge was that mountain with 2,500 feet elevation increase in 2 miles (grade of 11% to 20% at any given time). Guess what, I biked up the mountain without stopping. I have had 2 back surgeries and joke that I have enough metal in my spine to m ...

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Martin – “Father and Son”

In June, 2009, my son, Andrew, my brother-in-law, Fran, and I went on the Bike Virginia 2009 bike ride.  That year the tour was from Charlottesville to Culpepper to Orange and back into Charlottesville. I took many pictures, but I will describe our experience with Bike Virginia with the following 5 pictures. Picture 1 is an example of a really nice rest step.  It is away from the road, well stocked with wat ...

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Salz — “Against the Grain”

Against the Grain: Tales of a SAG driver... Thirty years ago in college when we’d have as many as 10 or 15 playing Monopoly, we added new Chance cards. One of them read: “Take Acid for the first and only time in your life. Reverse life and go around the board backwards from now on.” Getting that card changed America’s premier board game in chaotic ways no one could imagine. Sagging Bike Virginia, backwards ...

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Rider Voice: Jarla – “It Takes a Village”

Every year as BVA approaches I worry. Can I still climb up the hills? Will I get lost? Will I find anyone with whom to ride? Will packet pick-up at Registration go smoothly? For the past several years I have been in charge of the volunteers who work with me at Registration on Friday and Saturday. That’s usually 45 folks, many repeat volunteers, who work shifts 2 to 8 hours with smiles and great energy. (The ...

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