Join us for the 2024 BIKE VIRGINIA TOUR to be held on Friday June 21 thru Wednesday June 26.


by Shane Cusick, Tour Director

The 2024 Bike Virginia Tour will start in the comfortable setting of Buena Vista, VA.  This unique Mountain oasis has been home to many Bike Virginia tours over the years and is one of our favorite places to visit.  The town is nestled in the mountains that surround Glen Maury Park which will be our headquarters for three days in June.  Each morning you will wake to see the mountains surrounding you as you prepare for your journey.  We will play with some of our favorite routes from the past and introduce some new ones along the way.  Get ready to indulge all your senses with rides ranging from 10 to 100 miles each day as you navigate the wonders of the Shenandoah Valley.  Riding through towns like Lexington, Glasgow, and Buchanan to name a few and seeing natural wonders like Natural Bridge and Goshen Pass will leave you thinking of your return trip to the area.  Each day will offer at least three routes ranging anywhere from 5 to 100 miles depending on the day.  Elevation gains are between 300 to 7000 ft.  Each day you will have a choice on which route to ride.  

Continuing the 2024 tour will be new routes never before seen by BIKE VIRGINIA as we ride in our neighbor state WV and feel the embrace and luxury of the Lewisburg area.  Until this year I had yet to travel to Lewisburg, however, once I did I was blown away by the hospitality, fine dining, and culture of the Lewisburg/Greenbrier area.  Certainly a great area to host the second half of our 2024 tour.  Our headquarters will be at the WV State Fairgrounds where after your ride you can relax in the vast expanse of the property itself while playing a round of disc golf located within the fairgrounds.  Downtown Lewisburg is only a stone’s throw away from the fairgrounds and will be ready to greet you with a smile and good nature that is unique to the area and is unlike any other town in WV.  Have you heard of the Greenbrier Trail?  It’s a gravel bike route that follows the Greenbrier River and will be included in the routes.  Similar to the first part of the tour, routes will range from 5 to 100 miles with elevation gains between 200 and 8000 ft and with several routes to choose from each day you will be able to experience “Almost Heaven”  in your own heavenly way.


Quick note on stops along the routes:


Routes will be supported by the local communities we visit ranging from civic locations such as churches or other non-profit organizations to area attractions or even the local convenience store.  Each day will be completely different from the previous day’s routes and attractions.  Each morning before leaving camp you will have the opportunity to grab enough snacks for the entire day at our new Fueling Station located at HQ.  While on route you will have the opportunity to purchase food and goodies from the designated stops along the routes.  Each stop will have a bathroom and water at a minimum, most will offer much much more.  This is a great way to support the local communities we visit and gain knowledge about the region.  There will be about six stops along the routes each day to ensure the next stop ahead is no more and often far less than 25 miles away during your ride.  You will be able to plan your day’s stops by checking out the pocket guide included with registration and in the ride with GPS links. We will include a description of what amenities and services each stop will offer. 

YOU will absolutely LOVE this year’s routes!

We start the tour in one of our favorite locations… Glen Maury Park in Buena Vista, Virginia.  When you arrive on Friday make sure to check in at registration.  Then get on your bike as you ride out of the park and through the town itself.  

As you will quickly discover, the town of Buena Vista is small and you will be on back-country roads decompressing from your journey in no time.  Friday’s route options are a bit shorter than the rest of the days and allows you to get out on the bike and get the blood moving for a snapshot of the rest of the 5 days of riding.  Once back at camp, enjoy yourself with food and laughter as you catch up with old friends and make new ones.

Saturday is one to remember.  We will ride through Goshen Pass where you will squeeze past the Glen Maury River looking down at the water and thinking, “Is this Virginia?!”  We will ride some of the best back country roads the area has to offer and get a taste of the wonderful town of Lexington VA as we make our way back to HQ.  Saturday will offer one of the 2 century ride options of the tour.

Sunday is a real treat as we make our way to one of the wonders of the area known as Natural Bridge.  This is a unique geological feature that will again have you saying once again, “Is this Virginia?!”  Depending on your route option you will experience the town of Buchanan, VA and see another great river, the James River.  From there you will make your way back to HQ and grab a well deserved snack and catch up with Friends as you recall how wonderful the past 3 days have been.

Monday we start our riding in the charming town of Lewisburg, WV as we continue our tour of the Virginia’S.  The West Virginia State Fairgrounds will be our HQ location and offers a great launching pad to see the Wild and Wonderful’ness of the area.  As you start your ride you will be almost instantly taken onto back-country roads so you can once again unwind and decompress as you ride along and pass though rural landscapes roll through a covered bridge.  Once back at camp grab some food or even play a round of disc golf on the fairgrounds disc golf course.

Tuesday will be a treat as you discover more beauty of our neighboring state.  You will ride through wonderful rural towns with names like Snowflake.  You will also cross yet another great river, the Greenbrier River, from which the valley is named after.  Tuesday will offer the 2nd of the century routes for those wanting to test their legs.

Wednesday will be the icing on the cake as we ride along the Greenbrier trail.  This rail trail is one of the unique features of the area as it flows beside the beautiful Greenbrier River.  You will have an opportunity to get lost in the caverns at one of the rest stops or even have a sip of some of the finest bourbon that is made right in WV.  We feel that this year will be one of the most special and spectacular Bike VA tours to date…and our date goes back to 1988!

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Bicycle Maintenance

Thought you had your bike dialed in before the tour but somehow the shifting is a little off?  No worries, we will have our old time favorite mechanic the Bike Shop School Bus at HQ 1 to assist with any needs you or your bike may have.

The School Bus will also have a few of the Haute Demo bikes that you must see!  If you would like to demo a Haute Bike please reach out to them and make a reservation to ensure you get one, they’re Haute!  They will have demo bikes available at both locations.

Once we move to Lewisburg the local shop in the area Hammer Cycles will be able to handle any mechanical issues you may have.

While these folks generally do not charge for small things like air or a quick opinion, they are a fee based service and may charge for larger repairs.

In addition to the on site services at our Headquarters locations we will also have our full SAG trucks running to assist should you need help while on the routes.  SAG or Support and Gear drivers will have spare tubes, a tire pump and a few wrenches with them or if you need a large repair they can bring you back to HQ to the onsite mechanic for a full service experience.


Support and Gear is a great asset when riding the Bike VA tour.  Our SAG trucks are generally full size pickup trucks that are capable of carrying you back to HQ should you need assistance while on the route.  We contract the trucks and our wonderful volunteers drive them along the routes each day looking to help riders in need.

SAG drivers will have spare tubes, a tire pump and a few wrenches with them or if you need a large repair they can bring you back to HQ to the onsite mechanic for a full service experience.

SAG drivers can also bring you back to HQ if you have any other issues too like “I am cramping and not going to make it back” issues.  All you have to do is call the SAG number that will be listed in your registration information and our SAG dispatcher will get a truck to your location as soon as they can.  Or you can flag down a truck for help when you see them on the routes.  Look for a truck with SAG painted on the windshield.

SAG is a free service that is included with your registration.  We hope you don’t need them but they are available if you do!

Bicycle Shipping

Looking to ship your bicycle to the tour?  No worries, the folks over at Black Dog Bikes can receive your bike and assemble it for you.  Please note that you will have to pick up your rig at their shop.  This would be for the first HQ in Buena Vista.  Please contact them directly for details.

If you would like to ship your bike back home at the end of the tour from our second HQ in Lewisburg, please contact Hammer Cycles directly and they will get you all packed up and shipped back home.  Please note, Hammer Cycles will be onsite at our 2nd HQ.

Bicycle Rentals

The Haute Bikes will be available for all day rentals.  They will also be available for shorter demo rides. Please reach out to them directly at

Hammer Bikes also has rentals, please reach out to them directly to coordinate should you need one.

Demo Bikes

Looking to try out something new?  The guys from Haute will have a few bikes available for demos for short rides or you can rent one for the entire day.  Please contact them directly or visit the Bike Shop School bus while at the event.

Routes will be available in the Ride with GPS Experiences mobile app provided with registration.  Through this app you will be able to see all the routes in one place and there will be a ton of information about the routes included in the app.  Think of it like an interactive digital copy of the tour guide on your phone.

While on bike, you will be able to use turn-by-turn (voice) navigation for all the routes in the app! We will also be posting a website link to the routes.  This will allow you to use your desktop computer to view routes, download GPS files or create your own cue sheets.

Because the routes are subject to changes for a variety of different reasons, all the routes will be released to you about one week before the ride. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in June!

All routes will be available digitally through our partnership with Ride With GPS.  You will also be able to print your own cues from the route links should you need to.  However, a full set of all the route cue sheets can also be purchased at the time of registration.  What are cue sheets again?  A paper copy with a list of directions, each of which gives you two pieces of information: What to do, and when to do it.

Looking for your first bike computer with navigation, or just want a device that has all the 2024 routes?

We will be offering the Garmin Edge Explorer 2 with all the routes preloaded.  You can simply grab it at the event and mount it onto your bike and you’re ready to go and the computer is yours to keep!

Please click the name that follows for more details on the Edge Explorer 2

FRIDAY - 16 miles

FRIDAY - 28 miles

FRIDAY - 45 miles

SATURDAY - 22 miles

SATURDAY - 23 miles

SATURDAY - 53 miles

SATURDAY - 69 miles

SATURDAY - 110 miles

SUNDAY - 22 miles

SUNDAY - 40 miles

SUNDAY - 64 miles

SUNDAY - 50 miles

MONDAY - 4 miles

MONDAY - 14 miles

MONDAY - 37 miles

MONDAY - 58 miles

TUESDAY - 18 miles

TUESDAY - 26 miles

TUESDAY - 49 miles

TUESDAY - 65 miles

TUESDAY - 100 miles

WEDNESDAY - 20 miles

WEDNESDAY - 34 miles

WEDNESDAY - 34 miles

WEDNESDAY - 50 miles

WEDNESDAY - 61 miles


Tent camping, showers, car parking are included with registration.

(Campsites are not assigned in advance… there’s ample space for everyone! Airport-style gear drop)

Limited RV parking available with FULL hookups at both HQs!

(Reservations required. See RV PARKING FAQ)

Prefer to camp indoors with AC? Check out nearby lodging options…

Click on either HQ image below for details and directions

Registration is required to bring your recreational vehicle (RV) to the BIKE VIRGINIA TOUR. There will be LIMITED parking available for recreational vehicles (RV’s) at both Headquarters.

NEW FOR 2024!  FULL HOOKUPS available (electric, water, sewer)

  • HQ1 RV PARKING covers three nights (Fri, Sat, Sun)
  • HQ2 RV PARKING covers three nights (Mon, Tue, Wed)
  • If you register for the 3-DAY WEEKEND and wish to camp in your RV, then purchase the HQ1 RV PARKING add-on
  • If you register for the 3-DAY WEEKDAY and wish to camp in your RV, then purchase the HQ2 RV PARKING add-on
  • If you register for the 6-DAY TOUR and wish to camp in your RV for all six nights, then you will want to purchase both, the HQ1 RV PARKING and HQ2 RV PARKING add-ons

NEW To better serve you, RV PARKING pass for HQ1 may be purchased directly on the registration form as an optional add-on.

NEW To better serve you, RV PARKING pass for HQ2 may be purchased directly on the registration form as an optional add-on.

DRY CAMPING means you can park and sleep in your car, truck or RV, in an area specially designated for RV Parking, but that there are no hookups for water or electricity.

If you plan to camp in a vehicle, regardless of vehicle type, you will need to purchase an RV Parking Pass and park in the area specifically designated for RVs.

NEW! For 2024, the BIKE VIRGINIA add-on pass for RV PARKING includes full hookups**!

** HQ1 has a dumping station on the property for sewer

Each three-night RV PARKING PASS with full hookups will add-on $150 to your registration fees.  If you plan to camp all six nights in your RV, then both add-on passes will add-on $300 to your registration fees.

What to find, see and do in BUENA VISTA, VA

by Mary Syrrist

Nestled beneath the warmth of the Western Blue Ridge Mountains & the Shenandoah Valley’s setting sun, Glen Maury Park in historic Buena Vista, Virginia, offers a gratifying riverside basecamp after full days of idyllic bike touring and sightseeing. 

Offering ample (300+) tent camping sites and 50 RV spots offering full water, sewer and electric hookup ports, on-site parking and easy-walking offsite overflow parking, Glen Maury Park’s 315 acres is a cyclist’s and general outdoor enthusiast’s best kept “secret camping spot” in the area.  

There are several onsite restrooms and showers to which BIKE VIRGINIA will supplement plenty of extra portable johns and a shower truck as needed. Also on location, toward the rear of the campsite is the historic ante-bellum Paxton Place, home of Elisha Paxton, which will be open at select hours for viewing.  Paxton Place overlooks the campsite, and situated conveniently beside it on the hill sits a large covered pavilion and stage for outdoor dining, dancing, entertainment, and mingling. It is in this area of the campground that food trucks will offer onsite meals for purchase. 

For 2024 the event will be BYOB policy, allowing alcohol only in your camp site to meet the campground regulations. . Per location *Alcohol shall only be consumed within the site area. No open cans or bottles are allowed on roadways, in pools, recreational areas, or other public areas; all persons must be 21 years of age to possess or consume alcoholic beverages. 

If you’re not a particularly ‘happy camper,’ there are upwards of 20 hotels, motels, inns, and local B&B’s available to accommodate your stay. Visit for more details regarding lodging to fit your every need and budget.  

As in years past, BIKE VIRGINIA offers up to four mapped riding locations which will once again be used as in 2023 for navigation via the easy-to-use app Ride with GPS. Headquarters will also offer a large hands-on map of each of the daily ride options.  We at BIKE VIRGINIA have pinpointed rest stops en route including gas stations, breweries, vineyards, and/or other potential locales to satisfy your restroom or resupply needs.  For your convenience, we will verify hours of operation to help you better navigate potential stops to suit your individual preferences.  

When guests aren’t riding, take advantage of our free group yoga and meditation classes offered both am and pm, or look into other local points of interest. Bring a mountain bike or hiking shoes to explore the newly created trails within the campsite itself, or enjoy hiking or driving the Blue Ridge Parkway which is accessible within minutes of Buena Vista!  Maybe take a cool splash in Glen Maury Park’s olympic sized pool, or relax floating down the Maury River via the park’s boat ramp after a hot day of riding.  If, after your day’s ride, you’re still up for adventure, consider kayaking or canoeing the river from various access points all long the Maury River from Lexington to South of Buena Vista.  For the history buffs out there, visit Buena Vista’s own local Southern Virginia University, or take a ten minute drive west to explore charming downtown Lexington, Virginia (home of Washington & Lee University and Virginia Military Institute.)  We will also host onsite entertainment or pinpoint other local events occurring at the time of your stay. 

On days when food truck options are more limited, branch out to experience Buena Vista’s local railroad town hole-in-the-walls, or pop over to Lexington to taste the eclectic local cuisine.  Due to the variety of dietary needs these days, BIKE VIRGINIA encourages participants to fuel up before your ride by bringing your own preferred breakfast foods or to take advantage of any breakfasts offered by your lodging options.  We will supply a variety of snacks and water to start you off on your ride for the day. 

Post ride, try Lexington’s own Heliotrope Brewery downtown, and shop the quaint boutiques to boot!  We will also organize a BIKE VIRGINIA meetup one evening at a local beer or wine joint just to facilitate socializing and taking in the local experience amongst your like-minded peers.   

At any point in your experience, take an opportunity to engage our staff or volunteers for insider info on local haunts or recommendations as well!  There will be local tourism representatives available at Headquarters for your questions and convenience.  We truly look forward to sharing a slice of this beloved state in another one of our favorite riding spots in Virginia! Welcome to the best riding of VA and happy trails in 2024! 

What to find, see and do in LEWISBURG, WV

by Mary Syrrist

The second half of BIKE VIRGINIA introduces you to a refreshing change of pace as we move our Headquarters to elevation to explore the “other” Virginia.  Settled in and amongst the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, Lewisburg sits at 2,080’ above sea level.  In contrast to the valley camping experience of Buena Vista, our second location offers an expansive and convenient space at the State Fairgrounds in a plateau-like setting.  With 265 RV sites also offering water, sewer, and electric hookups and ample ground camping, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to set up base for your ‘bikecation.’  The fairgrounds provide about 20 plus showers and bathroom stalls divided into 5 separate bath houses located conveniently around the park. BIKE VIRGINIA will have access to 3 of the 5 bathhouses.  There is also an onsite coffee shop that is an easy walk from anywhere you may be situated within the grounds and we will once again offer a variety of food trucks for your convenience, predominantly on the day of your arrival.  We encourage you to explore the local dining as much as possible as the variety, location, and cuisine are exceptional.

Once again, if you prefer to lodge in more modern comfort, choose one of Downtown’s charming Inns, or find a contemporary and affordable hotel just 10 to 15 minutes north of the Fairgrounds in modern Lewisburg or the surrounding Greenbrier County.  For a highly personal experience, consider staying at owner Sparrow Eva Huffman’s The General Lewis Inn which is located right in downtown Lewisburg.  Possibly drop in for a private yoga class given by Sparrow herself (RYT 200 Hatha Yoga Instructor), or for a group experience, join us for free yoga and/or meditation which will be offered mornings and evening by our own certified yoga instructors at Headquarters. 

As you set out for your chosen ride route of the day, you will find it safe and easy to pop onto the road from the rear access point of the fairgrounds, which will be solely accessible to members of BIKE VIRGINIA during your stay.  Enjoy exploring Civil War era battle grounds,  covered bridges, farm and country landscape and local distilleries, vineyards, and breweries amongst other points of interest along your routes.  You can also access West Virginia’s scenic highway, which is a gorgeous stretch of mountain highway much like the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia with its reduced speed and scenic overlooks.

After your ride, take advantage of the Aquatics Center, conveniently located onsite at the Fairgrounds.  For the special BIKE VIRGINIA discounted rate, you can have access to an olympic-sized lap swimming pool, an indoor recreation pool (especially if you have children), and a fully equipped gym to keep up your weekly fitness routines and shower off in the facilities locker rooms.

Furthermore, not over a mile away and an easy bike ride if you prefer, you’ll discover the unique and historic offerings of Lewisburg, which has aptly been named one of America’s “coolest small towns” by an online poll.  True to its nomer, Lewisburg has the vibe of a young colonial America blended with an elegant southern ante-bellum aesthetic.  Complemented by the eclectic influence of neighboring Greenbrier Resort and West Virginia school of Osteopathic Medicine, this quaint downtown and its elegant 18th century neighborhoods offer a surprising selection of restaurants with one-of-a-kind, 5-star cuisine and several attractive antique stores and boutiques.  

Each evening Shane will offer a ride rap to prep you for the following day’s rides. Then possibly wrap up your evenings at one of the local taverns to socialize with your peers or lounge and enjoy your own beverages of choice within the campsite grounds.  As in Buena Vista, there is a BYOB policy in lieu of a beer/wine garden and a discreet ONSITE ONLY drinking policy.  

All in all, there is just so much to explore and to enjoy in America’s “other Virginia!”  At any point in your experience, take an opportunity to engage our staff or volunteers for insider info on local haunts or recommendations as well!  There will be local tourism representatives available at Headquarters for your questions and convenience. We truly hope to see you at one or both halves of BIKE VIRGINIA week in 2024.  

Included in every registration:
  • Our signature bike routes hosted on the RIDE WITH GPS mobile app
  • Digital riding guide
  • Hand-picked must-see historic and regional interests
  • SAG support
  • NEW! Fuel up for the ride each day with Pedal Power Provisions*
  • NEW! Water bottle included FREE with paid registrations**
  • Onsite device charging (e-bike friendly)
  • Live entertainment
  • Daily Route Rap with Q&A
  • Daily Yoga sessions
  • Daily Meditation session
  • Conventient car parking at HQ
  • NEW! RV Parking with Full Hookups***
  • Onsite Massage Services (FEE based)
  • Onsite Mechanic Services (FEE based)
COVID precautions:
  • Event will meet or exceed current health department guidelines or as required by law
Food policy:
  1. * Meals not included with registration. Each morning guests will have an opportunity to grab snacks and water to carry on their ride. During riding, guests will be pointed to convenient places to dine and resupply water and food.
  2. ** High quality water bottle included FREE with paid registrations made on or before March 31st. Supplies limited, subject to availability.
  3. *** To better serve you, RV PARKING passes are now available as an optional ADD-ON to the registration form! Supplies limited
Bike Rentals/Demos/Shipping:

HQ1 (Virginia)
Shenandoah Bicycles has e-bikes for rent on their website.  Riders will need to coordinate ahead of time for rental pickup and return in Harrisonburg.

Black Dog Bikes will serve as a place to ship bikes to, but they will not transport them to the event, you will need to pick them up.

Haute Bikes will have demos to ride. Reservations can be made ahead of time or at the event.

HQ2 (West Virginia)
Hammer Cycles will be handling the bike rentals for us in West Virginia. They also serve as a place to ship bikes to and have them put together.





Registration is required to bring your recreational vehicle (RV) to the BIKE VIRGINIA TOUR. There will be LIMITED parking available for recreational vehicles (RV’s) at both Headquarters. DRY CAMPING only (no hookups).

How many and which nights does each Parking Pass cover?

  • HQ1 RV PARKING covers three nights (Fri, Sat, Sun)
  • HQ2 RV PARKING covers two nights (Mon, Tue)

Which RV Parking Pass do I need to ADD-ON during registration?

  • If you register for the 3-DAY WEEKEND and wish to camp in your RV, then ADD-ON the HQ1 Weekend RV Parking Pass
  • If you register for the 3-DAY WEEKDAY and wish to camp in your RV, then ADD-ON the HQ2 Weekday RV Parking Pass
  • If you register for the 6-DAY TOUR and wish to camp in your RV, then ADD-ON both passes, one for HQ1 and Add Another for HQ2

What is the difference between DRY CAMPING and FULL HOOKUPS?

DRY CAMPING means you can park and sleep in your car, truck or RV, in an area specially designated for RV Parking, but that there are no hookups for water or electricity.

My vehicle fits in a car-sized parking space, can I just sleep in it?

If you plan to camp in a vehicle, regardless of vehicle type, you will need to purchase an RV Parking Pass and park in the area specifically designated for RVs.

My traveling companion can’t live without full hookups. What do you recommend?

Instead of parking with us, check with other nearby campgrounds. You would be responsible for making all arrangements on your own, including transportation to and from the event.