Rider Comments

This is what a few riders have to say about this year’s tour…


Congratulations on a successful Bike Virginia. With your in-depth knowledge and experience, you put together one of the better bike rides available to riders today. From my own experience, Bike Virginia is at the top of the list.  I talked to many riders during the event to confirm this. They all agreed that VBA had the best organized ride. During one ride I stopped to help a broken-down tandem. After seeing “Staff” on my shirt, the riders voiced surprised at how timely the support on the ride was.

Shane, your thoughtfulness in planning the routes was excellent. The rides not only contained beautiful vistas but also gave each rider the flexibility that allowed a challenge for all levels of cyclist. The monitor stations were placed as needed and were not in excess.

My best wishes for your continued success.



Sorry to be so late saying this but the tour was just awesome – ONCE AGAIN!! I was so worried about the climbs but had to walk just once! Would still like you to back down a bit on the rating however (Shane, are you listening)!
Thanks again for such great organization – we brought about 25 from Lexington, KY this year – that’s the most ever!!

You guys are amazing!!!!
Joyce & Nick


Kim and Shane,

I don’t know how to thank you in person, so I thought I would try this. I have thoroughly enjoyed this year’s tour. This is my second Bike Virginia after doing the one last year. I help run a large event so I know a little about what you go through organizing your event. I want to share with you my appreciation for how well run Bike Virginia is. From the website, registration, check-in, safety talk, transportation, volunteers, food, rest stops, entertainment, routes and especially the route markings, I think you do a great job. Little things mean a lot. The extra markings along a long stretch just to reassure us that we are still on the right road and the gravel and sharp turn warnings are great. I’m sure you get some complaints along the way and if you’ve done this for awhile, you know some people just complain. You also probably don’t get enough thank you’s – so here is one. Thank you very much and I hope to be back next year.





It was good to meet you on the last day of Bike Virginia.

Thank you and all the organizers, staff and volunteers of Bike Virginia.  This was my first Bike Virginia experience and I was very impressed and pleased with the level of organization, rider support and overall attention to detail to make it successful.  Having been involved in special event planning in my own career, I know the amount of time, thought and planning that must go into events like these. Congratulations on a wonderful event!  We (my wife enjoyed volunteering), thoroughly enjoyed the routes, friendly riders and local support volunteers and social events.  As a beginner in touring, I was personally challenged but overwhelmed by the beautiful vistas and camaraderie of the riders at every step of the way.

My enjoyment of this ride was enhanced and supported by Sergei Beliaev and the 3S Sports Systems.  I began my training in March, using the online program provided by 3S.  It was easy to understand and enough to challenge me to reach for higher levels of performance, which prepared me for the hills of southwest Virginia.  I had the good fortune to ride with Sergei and learn more about how this system works and other great tips for tour riding.  I would highly recommend him to anyone preparing for this sport in general, or new challenging rides, wherever they may be.

So, thank you for all you and your team’s hard work in making the event so successful.



Congratulations on a fantastic Bike Virginia.  This is my second year (2010 & 2011) and I am hooked.  The routes were amazing with each day surpassing the last.  I was really looking forward to the Blue Ridge day since the routes were announced and it didn’t disappoint, but I think the leg in the Catawba Valley between the first and second rest stop might have been better. Just when I thought we were winding down on the last day, we came up on one of the best stretches of the entire week !

Thanks again to you and the entire team for pulling off a fantastic event from start to finish.



Just wanted to say thank you for all your time and effort in Bike Virginia this year.

I know that it must have taken a tremendous sacrifice on your part and hope that you received a lot of gratitude and enjoyment from it.

The tour was great and I had lots of fun. Hope to be back again in the near future.

Take care,