• December 3, 2018

2019 Registration is Open!

2019 Registration is Open!

2019 Registration is Open! 1024 683 Bike Virginia

The 2019 Bike Virginia Tour bike event registration is now open.

On December 1, we opened our doors for the 33 annual Bike Virginia Tour featuring the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. In December you can get the best price for the 2019 bike event.

See what’s included at the Bike Virginia Tour here!

2019 Bike Virginia Tour Location

The 2019 bike event will feature 6 days of riding in the communities around Woodstock and Harrisonburg. These host communities are all time favorites of the Bike Virginia family.

We last visited the region in 2016 and got rave reviews on the riding!

As you ride you’ll get to experience 4 counties surrounding the area where you can explore farmland, rolling hills, rivers, and beautiful valleys.

This tour is all about leisure and fun, this bike event is not a race. Riders go their own pace and choose the route they wish to follow for the day. We are unique to bike tours in that we offer multiple route options that suit almost any rider. Choose from 20-100 miles per day on one of the scenic loop bike routes.

See the 2019 Bike Virginia Routes information here

2019 Bike Virginia Tour Activities

Our focus is to help our guests enjoy all the beauty and culture of the host communities. We work closely with local businesses and visitor centers to create a complete vacation experience in Virginia’s charming towns. In addition to bike riding we offer water recreation like tubing and kayaking, paddle boarding, yoga, massage, historic outings, cultural activities, wineries, dining and visits to local downtowns. That’s what brings our guests back year after year!

Stay tuned to the Blog for the activity schedule.