• February 23, 2021

2021 Tour Update

2021 Tour Update

2021 Tour Update 1024 683 Bike Virginia


Riding with friends over rolling hills (and the occasional challenging climb¬†:-), exploring the scenery of small towns and historic sites, returning¬†to headquarters¬†for a hearty meal and nightly entertainment, then turning in for a night of rejuvenating sleep…¬†we miss seeing your smiling faces at our annual event!

Ever since the 2020 tour was postponed, we have been brainstorming non-stop for a way to bring back the¬†camaraderie and quality¬†you expect from a BIKE VIRGINIA event. Even though our hopes are high, we can’t do it through sheer will alone.

Out of overwhelming concern for our participants and due to logistical barriers, we are unable to host a 6-day event in June of 2021.

However, the year is¬†not yet over… and we are excited to create¬†new riding experiences¬†for 2021!

(e.g. self-guided routes, single day¬†event(s), and a weekend event in Fall 2021… that meets or exceeds current health and safety regulations)

What comes to mind when you think about your favorite BIKE VIRGINIA TOUR? (if this was to be your first, what were you most looking forward to?)

Check your email soon for a survey from us about your personal preferences on cycling activities to be offered in summer and fall of 2021.

We will announce further details about our upcoming events as soon as information develops.


This decision was based on availability of the necessary resources for hosting the event, as well as the health and safety of participants, host community residents, staff, and volunteers.

Continued infections, vaccination distribution schedules, and multiple global COVID variants are all impacting our ability to host a safe and quality event.

Other factors included the willingness of local communities to host, as well as availability of vendors and volunteers.

Please be assured that 2020 registration deferments will continue to be honored for future events of your choice through 2023.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we strive to continue the tradition of BIKE VIRGINIA in the near future.

Kindest regards,

Staff and the Board of Directors