• October 24, 2017

The Bike Adventure of 2018

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The Bike Adventure of 2018

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Hit the Road on 2018’s Big Bike Adventure Vacation! 

Fully Supported Adventure Vacation: Scenic Biking, Camping, Activities, Breweries, & Farm To Table Dining

The 2018 Bike Virginia 6-day bike vacation adventure, “Ride the River,”  will treat you and your bike to the escape you need. Registration is open now for this fun event. Fees start at $249. Early-bird pricing applies.

Head out on beautiful rolling road bike routes, glide through charming towns, soak up some warm hospitality, and enjoy full service amenities like signed routes, SAG support, daily entertainment, bountiful rest stops, lunch at our food trucks, and select regional experiences.

The 2018 in the New River Valley tour stages from two headquarters locations, Bissett Park in Radford Virginia and Claytor Lake State Park in Dublin Virginia, June 22-27, 2018.

This is the perfect way to escape your hectic life, unplug, unwind, and do what you love to do.

Lots of Options For Your Bike Vacation

Multiple bike routes are offered daily from long to short. Choices abound for your bike vacation adventure with Bike Virginia.

Choose to camp, RV, or chill out in a hotel. Sleep the way you like! Enjoy food truck variety for on-site meals.

Lay low in the evenings at camp, enjoy on site entertainment like concerts and games, or take on of our planned outings.

Multiple registration options to suit your schedule.

Six days of riding is heaven, but it is not always possible. Take a 3 day weekend and soak up the fun, or if you have weekend commitments join us for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Learn more about registering today.

Bring Some Friends

Team registration discounts are available. The more the merrier!

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For The Cause of Cycling

Over the last 30 years Bike Virginia’s bike touring adventures have brought families together, forged lasting friendships, drawn tourists from around the world, inspired life change, and helped people fall in love with riding. We’ve drive economic benefit to rural communities of more than $2 Million per year, help communities see the value of cycling in their future, and teach community members and officials ways to support biking for recreation, wellness, and transportation.

Ride with us this year. Your participation in the 2018 bike vacation adventure helps Bike Virginia continue to grow and support the tradition of cycling.

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