• January 11, 2018

Gather Your Team & Save on the 2018 Tour!

Gather Your Team & Save on the 2018 Tour!

Gather Your Team & Save on the 2018 Tour! 1024 576 Bike Virginia

Gather your team! Call your tribe! With our Team PASSPORT you’ll SAVE a bundle over registering alone! The more the merrier and the bigger the savings, but our 4-Person Passport makes it easier than ever to take advantage of our Team registration savings.

Team PASSPORT supports team sizes of Four (4), Eight (8), or Sixteen (16) for the full 6-DAY TOUR. Your team can be your bike Club members, coworkers, friends, bowling team, polka partners, new friends you gathered for the distinct purpose of getting a discount…the options are endless and it’s very likely you know at least three friends who’d jump at the chance to do Bike Virginia 2018 for a discount!

And add a bang to your savings because the Bike Virginia Ride the River Tour has DISCOUNT PRICING through January 31st.

That means: if you order before January 31st, for a team of four, that comes out to be less than $85 per person, per day! A $100 savings per team member on the 6-DAY TOUR!

But what does it mean to be a “team?” Are you glued to the hip? Have a synchronized climbing routine? Need a secret handshake? The answer is NO! Heck, your team can be all your exes that live in Texas (though we’d love to be a fly on the wall in *that* tent!). Your team can be made of folks with different goals, desires, and abilities. One of you may want to meander by the river or take a dunk in it while another wants to see the New River Valley from high atop a mountain. You’ll both have a grand time and can try to convince the other that *you* had the better ride!

Most importantly, team mates can help you:

  1. SAVE BIG!
  2. Stay motivated. Teaming up with other riders is a great way to stay excited about the trip. Maybe you want to plan training rides!
  3. Plan. What routes you plan on doing and what things you want to see. Plan our your Virginia biking adventure with your team mates.
  4. Get ready together. Teammates can make great partners for planning, packing, or bike preparation as the time of the event draws near.
  5. Share the fun! When you arrive at Bike Virginia with your team you’ll receive a warm welcome to kick off your fun bike vacation. Riders come back time and time again to see friends they like to ride with at the event. Share the exploration and relaxation with your team and take home great memories for all those days when you only get to dream about being on the bike.

To SAVE with the Team PASSPORT deal, simply follow this process:

  • Four (4) or Eight (8) or Sixteen (16) people decide to register as a TEAM for the full 6-DAY TOUR
  • One (1) person is the MANAGER who collects all of the funds from the team
  • The MANAGER goes to our online store and purchases a team PASSPORT
  • The PASSPORT is a unique registration CODE that can be used exactly four (4) or eight (8) or sixteen (16) times
  • We email the PASSPORT to the MANAGER who distributes it amongst the team
  • Each team member registers individually for the tour and enters their team’s unique PASSPORT code to waive the 6-DAY registration fee.

Get ALL the details to SAVE and ORDER YOUR TEAM PASSPORT TODAY! But don’t delay – there are only a limited number of Team PASSPORTS available!