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Family Bike Tours

by Kim Perry | March 27, 2015

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Great Family Time: Bike Tour Vacations

It seems harder and harder to make quality family time with all the distractions we have now. With hectic schedules and all of the obligations of daily life in our modern times it can sometimes be hard for families to connect, relax, and have fun together. Family bike tours are (more…)

Abingdon and Kingsport: A Sell Out Favorite for Bike Virginia

by Kim Perry | March 23, 2015

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Abingdon and Kingsport: Popular Cycling Destination Bike Virginia's annual riding event moves around the state each year highlighting the region's best bike routes. In 2015 the bike tour is visiting the Abingdon and Kingsport areas for 6 days of amazing cycling. The region offers beautiful rural roads that explore (more…)

Event Food Safety at Bike Virginia

by Kim Perry | March 20, 2015

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When you go to an event it is nice to know the food you eat is going to be safe. Bike Virginia follows many state guidelines on food safety to make sure you have a great experience and that food is as safe as possible. From rest stops to meals we follow (more…)

Lunch Menu Food Choices: Bike Virginia 2015

by Kim Perry | March 18, 2015

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When we wrapped up the 2014 event we knew that the 2015 event lunches needed a major makeover. Riders wanted more choices, more quantity, and more quality, which we wrote about in a recent blog post. In this post you'll learn about the food choices offered for meals at the bike event this year. (more…)

Not Happy With Food in 2014?: Here’s How We Have Improved

by Kim Perry | March 17, 2015

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At Bike Virginia food is a top priority. From the comfort station rest stops to the meals, our team wants riders to have a great experience from sun up to sun down. We know good eating and good riding go hand in hand to make for happy days! We heard concerns from some riders in 2014 that lunches were not satisfying. We have taken big steps in 2015 to  (more…)

A Rider Review ’08 Bike Va Tour of Abingdon, Kingsport

by Kim Perry | March 16, 2015

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The last time the Bike Virginia Tour visited the Abingdon and Kingsport area in 2008 we had a sell out event. With 2,000 cyclists riding for 5 days, riders had tons of fun and lots of great memories. That was our 21st annual event. Our bike event, in it's 28th year, is returning to the Virginia Highlands region again for 2015 with our June 26-July 1 bike ride event. The many great bike routes for riding in the region, combined with the rich history, and warm southern hospitality make the area very alluring. If you're interested in a first person review of the event, then you might enjoy what 2008 rider, Terry Pierce had to say on his club blog. See an excerpt below. A Rider Review: Bike Virginia Abingdon and Kingsport Saturday's ride started to cool gray skies but the roads and route were spectacular. As soon as we left Bristol we were rolling in high country and seemed like the majority of the ride was alongside either beautiful trout waters (more…)

Adventure Bike Vacation on a Budget: Bike Virginia Tour 2015

by Kim Perry | March 14, 2015

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Getting away for a fun vacation may seem like too much for the budget in 2015, but there are some great options that will leave you smiling without running up your credit card balance. Bike Virginia's 6 Day bike event in 2015 is a great way to have a week long summer vacation adventure on a budget. Participants enjoy riding on interesting and scenic routes with great people from all over. Evenings are spent relaxing, listening to music, and seeing local sites. Our specialty is taking care of what you need to have a great time. You can relax and we take care of all the details. That's why riders come back year after year. Bike Virginia has been operating for 28 years and has visited nearly every community in Virginia  (more…)

6 Reasons to Take a Bicycle Vacation in 2015

by Kim Perry | March 6, 2015

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If you have never taken a bicycle vacation before then you probably wonder what all the hype is about. There's a reason that riders come back to join events year after year like the Bike Virginia Tour. "We've been operating for 28 years. There is a huge following of riders that love coming back time and time again," said Shane Cusick, Event Director at Bike Virginia. "They enjoy the format, and make friends who are coming back too. It's a fun reunion in some ways, everyone is gathered around this love of the bike." Every person has their own reason for taking a bicycle vacation but these are 6 of the top reasons why someone like you should come along for the adventure. 1. Days of riding; a prescription for a new kind of relaxation. It takes a bit of time to kick off the stress of every day life. Days of riding is just what the Doctor ordered. When's the last time you had nothing more important to do that cruise on a beautiful country road? And to do that for 3 days or even better 6 days is something magical. "The event falls into this really relaxed, happy rhythm on the 3rd day, said 8 time Bike Virginia participant, Sam. "Everybody is having fun. Not a care in the world. It's really great." 2. Meeting great people who love the sport. People that take a bike vacation like Bike Virginia's Tour have a deep affinity for the bike. (more…)

2015 Bike Virginia Tour — George Hincapie Special Guest

by Kim Perry | March 4, 2015

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Get ready Bike Virginians to meet one of the greatest riders of all time! George Hincapie, one of the most highly recognized cyclists in the world, will join the Bike Virginia Tour as a special guest for a portion of The Highlands Expedition which is scheduled over 6 days, June 26--July 1.  George's memorable accomplishments include: (more…)

2015 Bike Virginia Tour — Valentine’s Day Special

by Kim Perry | February 13, 2015

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Special Valentine's Day Pricing for Couples

Hello Lovebirds!

We have a special Valentine's Day offer for our Bike Virginia riding family.

Couples that Register with this special offer on February 13 or 14th and receive a great discount plus you'll receive a special gift for each of you, the "We Ride" t-shirt. (more…)