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The Bike Adventure: A Perfect Valentine Gift for Bike Lovers

by Kim Perry | February 9, 2016

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Love on two wheels. Nothing better! A little chocolate is a divine Valentine gift for you sweetheart but taking a bike vacation together is truly romantic. Getting away from the hectic pace of life and taking time to reconnect is a wonderful way to strengthen your bond. Give the gift of Bike Virginia to that special person and you'll make memories to last a lifetime. We are even putting some icing on the "cake" with a nice complimentary bottle of Virginia wine as a Valentine Gift to you from Bike Virginia and a local Shenandoah Valley Virginia winery! (more…)

Family Bike Trip — An Affordable Vacation Getaway

by Kim Perry | January 5, 2016

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Biking is a wonderful way for families pf all ages to be active together, to build great memories, and strengthen relationships. Taking time away from the hectic pace to explore by bike an ideal way to break from the standard fast-paced routines in our lives. Get kids outside. Let them experience historical places and interesting geography. Laugh together and experience the joy of rolling with the adventure as it comes. At our event,

Kids (ages 11 and under) ride FREE!

That means you can enjoy and be kind to your bank account. Make your plans now for the June 24-29th, 2016 Bike Virginia Tour. Bring the family out for  (more…)

501(C)(3) Advocacy and Education

by Kim Perry | December 31, 2015

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Bike Virginia is a 501(C)(3) advocacy and education Non-profit organization. Our work focuses on making Virginia better through cycling initiatives. Our organization has a staff of 4 full time planners and advocates. Our board consists of 11 individuals across Virginia. We were founded in 2000 (16 years ago) as a non-profit, but have been in operation (more…)

Go East for Lush Green Summer Riding

by Kim Perry | December 18, 2015

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Riding in California is definitely nice, but treating yourself to a bike vacation in Virginia is divine. We invite you to join us for a bike vacation like no other. Bike Virginia's June 24-29, 2016 event is the perfect bike getaway. Surround yourself with fun and beauty. Ride for 6 days in (more…)

Give the Gift of Fun: A 2016 Bike Vacation

by Kim Perry | December 8, 2015

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Looking for a gift that stands apart from all the rest of the "stuff?" Why make more clutter when you can make fun memories? Give the gift of a 2016 Bike Virginia Tour registration to someone you love (or yourself)! We've got a special registration deal for (more…)

Team Registration Takes the Cake for June 2016 Bike Event

by Kim Perry | November 25, 2015

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Signing up as a team registration for the 2016 Bike Virginia Tour (June 24-29, 2016) is a great way to save money and have more fun! A team of riders at Bike Virginia is made up of 4 people. Friends, coworkers, club members, new acquaintances, you name it, teams come in all kinds. Below are 5 great reasons (more…)

2016 Bike Virginia Tour — Volunteer

by Kim Perry | November 15, 2015

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Whether you’re riding the tour and want to volunteer or traveling with someone who wants to volunteer, becoming a volunteer allows you to meet many great people and help us ensure the event runs smoothly. (more…)

2016 Bike Virginia Tour — Double Vision

by Kim Perry | October 22, 2015

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Bike Virginia has Double Vision!

There's an exciting, revolutionary format change at Bike Virginia that doubles the fun! In 2015 we kicked off this new format and riders loved it! Read what they had to say. Remember move days at the old Bike Virginia? That day when you had to pack your gear, toss it onto a big semi, then you had to ride out to camp 2 leaving your car behind? And, remember the last day of the tour, you had to pack up and ride back to your car, and look for your gear as it came off the truck? The Double Vision format much is much better! (more…)

2016 Event Countdown

by Kim Perry | October 22, 2015

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It is officially the countdown period before the 2016 event registration for next year's Bike Virginia Tour event. On November 15, 2015 we open the door for our riding family to save their spots for 2016's ride adventure. Soon those who have ridden in the last 5 years will receive some very special mail from Bike Virginia. Inside you'll get lots of details about the next event. Also in early November details will go live on the website for your viewing. (more…)

2016 Bike Virginia Tour: Save The Date

by Kim Perry | October 15, 2015

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Are you ready to go to the Shenandoah Valley? We are!

The staff at Bike Virginia, Shane, Kim, Sam and Cynthia are working away on planning details for the 2016 Bike Virginia Tour. There are lots of wonderful things to look forward to in the beautiful valley region. Bike Virginia heads back to the central Blue Ridge June 24-29, 2016 for the 29th annual ride. The scenic and historic Shenandoah Valley is part of (more…)