ONLINE REGISTRATION ends May 31st 11:59pm ET


Choose from a variety of registration options and packages. Registration for 2016 will open on November 15, 2015. Visit our Registration Page for all of the details. Be sure to register on or before December 31st, 2015 to lock in some of our best prices ever!

Planning is underway for the 2016 Bike Virginia Tour! Riders will have multiple bike route options to choose from that offer varying distance and difficulty. All routes are hand-selected and fully supported. Read more about event riding on our Routes Page.

Enjoy well-stocked rest stops and lunch at our Food Truck Fiesta! Other meal options to satisfy your needs are available. Learn more about the choices and menus we offer on our Food Page.

Bike Virginia organizes a full compliment of fun outings, excursions, and activities. Whether you want to walk and relax at headquarters, ride on one of our shuttles to nearby attractions, or drive to explore the surrounding communities, you will surely love the experience. We are not your average bike ride, but a true vacation.

Pick from a wide assortment of sleeping arrangements during your trip. We offer camping under the stars, and concierge hotel services. Read more on our Accommodations Page.

Bike Virginia is a statewide 501(C)(3) educational non-profit that works to inspire biking for recreation, health, tourism and the environment. Purchases from the store will help us continue our mission, and make you look and feel good at the same time. We couldn’t do it without you, so thank you for your support.

The next 6 day Bike Virginia Tour will be held June 24–29, 2016. For our 29th annual event we will pilgrimage to one of Virginia’s most prized cycling areas—the Shenandoah Valley, as seen through the areas surrounding Woodstock and Harrisonburg!

We focus on great riding, relaxing, entertainment, exploration, fun and just the right services to keep you happy and comfortable. Come for a day, three days (weekend or weekday), or the whole 6-day adventure!

Learn everything you want to know and more.  Just click one of the six colorful page buttons above to start… you’ll be glad you did!

NEW Our Rider Manual is now available online! Click the PDF icon to view or download.  Rider Manual (PDF)

NEW Make your own tie dye during the Bike Virginia Tour! 2DYE4 (handmade soul-filled tie dyes in Richmond, Virginia since 2006) is proudly presenting a series of workshops at this year’s event. Just bring your own shirt, and they supply the rest! Pre-register and pre-pay online by clicking the 2DYE4 logo below.

The beautiful Shenandoah Valley awaits exploration in 2016. Mountain vistas, broad rivers, warm hospitality, and rich cultural history will set the stage for a vacation to entice your senses! Learn more about the region and good things in store with our very own Bike Virginia newspaper, arriving at a mailbox near you.

NEW Volume 2 of our exclusive tour newspaper is hot off the presses and chock full of route descriptionsbus schedules, and entertainment/excursions you’re sure to love! Several activities require reservations made before you arrive at the tour, so be sure to sign up (now) before they fill up! Click any page to view full-size.

NEW Didn’t get a newspaper in your mailbox? We’re happy to share ours. Click any page to view full-size.


HQ1 Massanutten Millitary Academy

614 S Main St, Woodstock, VA 22664

June 24–26, 2016

This is our event headquarters location for the first half of the 6-DAY TOUR and the entire 3-DAY WEEKEND package. Those staying for the second half of the tour will move to HQ2 on Monday morning, June 27th.


HQ2 Rockingham County Fair

4808 S Valley Pike, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

June 27–29, 2016

This is our event headquarters location for the second half of the 6-DAY TOUR and the entire 3-DAY WEEKDAY package. All participants will leave directly from here at the conclusion of the tour by 5pm Wednesday. June 29th.

Don’t have a way to easily get your bike from here to there (and back?)… we’ve got you covered! 


NEW Shenandoah Bicycle Company provides bicycle shipping for the 2016 Bike Virginia Tour. Just contact Thomas Jenkins (see below) for more information.

Professional bike assembly services onsite (and bike rentals) will also be available.


If you don’t own a bicycle, or would rather not bring your own, rentals are the way to go!  How it works: they will make sure your rental bike is available onsite and ready-to-ride at the start of the tour, and provide any and all maintenance during your stay.  All you have to do is show up! (How convenient is that?)  Please note that quantities are limited, so be sure to make your reservations in advance.  

NEW Just contact Thomas Jenkins @ Shenandoah Bicycle Company for more information.

135 S Main St, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Don’t own a car? We’ve created a carpool group, click on the car below. Learn how it works at



Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport

Returning for 2016, our Double Vision format gives you more riding options, access to your car (and stuff) the entire time, and no one-way routes!  Be sure to read about all the exciting changes that come with the Double Vision format.

Thank you for considering Bike Virginia. We promise to deliver you a unique and pleasurable riding experience in the Bike Virginia way. We realize that we are not exactly like the Bon Ton Roulet, Bike Florida, Ride the Rockies, or Cycle North Carolina. Because of those differences and the geographic location our price is different.

There are a lot of great events. We hope you will find the same level of enjoyment at ours. Many riders do both.

FAQ Is this a fundraiser?

The proceeds from our event (which are very meager) are used to do advocacy work and education as directed by our 11-person board. We serve as consultants to localities, work on legislative issues, conduct share the road education, and operate an informational website about cycling in Virginia.

FAQ Why do some events cost less?

We plan a completely new event each and every year! Accomplishing that takes 14 months with only 4 full-time staff. It is often difficult to compare other events with ours directly. Annual expenses for operating our event average $450,000–600,000. We look at price very carefully and charge only what we need to stay in operation and provide services for making bicycling better.

If you have questions, please contact us.