• October 3, 2019

Drumroll please….. and the 2020 Tour theme is…

Drumroll please….. and the 2020 Tour theme is…

Drumroll please….. and the 2020 Tour theme is… 1024 683 Bike Virginia

Can you tell we have fun with our event themes?!?

Every year we get to focus on the special gifts found in the region hosting the tour. It’s always fun for our staff to create the experience and the foundation, the theme that we will use in everything we do for the event.

Our themes include a fun logo, a cool jersey, some neat t-shirts, and always some cool activities built around the theme. All in all every event and it’s unique theme create a memorable experience for our riders.


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Over the years we’ve had some really awesome themes that resonated with our riding family. Here are some of the top favorites:

  • Tour de Love
  • Ride the River
  • Woodstock Pilgrimage
  • Highlands Expedition
  • Knights of the Golden Wheel
  • Open Air de Tour
  • Crooked Road

See a list of all the themes HERE. 

How the Bike Virginia Team Develops A Theme

Our staff investigate the region. We speak visitor center staff, local businesses, and and visit the area looking for something fun that stands out and captures the essence of the fun of the event. Then we set off to develop visual concepts, play around with some colors, some graphics, and some phrases which resonate with the locale. Sometimes we hire consultants, or work with graphic design professionals as a launching point but 99% of the work is done by our in-house staff.

Usually we end up with 2 or three concepts that rise to the top. We weigh the up sides of each one, and always one rises to the top. This year we are so in love with the beautiful colors and inspiring feel of the theme. And here it is….

The 2020 Bike Virginia Tour- The Heartland Tour

In 2020, we take our riding family to the heart of Virginia, where we will explore Farmville, Twin Lakes State Park, Prince Edward County and the surrounding communities. You’ll find an abundance of beauty, history, agriculture, culture, and adventure in this lovely region. 

The Heartlands theme captures the essence of all that the region has to offer and all that a great Bike Virginia vacation stands for.

Details about the event are being finalized now. Look for many more details as the stages of planning are wrapped up. Registration opens December 1, 2019.