• April 19, 2019

Mindfully Riding- Join Our Intention & Meditation Sessions

Mindfully Riding- Join Our Intention & Meditation Sessions

Mindfully Riding- Join Our Intention & Meditation Sessions 1024 478 Bike Virginia

If you’ve ridden with Bike Virginia before you would surely remember Mark Cooper, he’s a friendly face and well know around the event for being a long time member of the Bike Virginia family (20+ years).

Mark, a lifelong cyclist, author, therapist, clergy, and yoga teacher taught our yoga classes on the lawn for many years until about 5 years ago. At that time Mark’s volunteer time at the event shifted from Yoga toward another mindful activity, Meditation.

Mark has always enjoyed a constantly learning, evolving, and growing career. He shifted his professional and personal interest toward more meditative, mindful reflection a few years ago. That’s when Kim Perry, Executive Director of Bike Virginia and Mark teamed up to bring Meditation sessions to Bike Virginia’s activity schedule.

For the last 4 years the event has offered a Meditation session on evenings Friday to Tuesday. It’s a calm space for people to unwind from the day, reflect, and even experience meditation for the first time. Mark leads a conversation about mindfulness practices and introduces meditation through a guided experience.

In addition to volunteering his time to create joyful experiences at the event, Mark is also a board member with Bike Virginia.

We are very fortunate to have Mark work alongside us and are delighted to offer this new mindful activity for 2019.

New Morning Intention Setting 

In the 2019 event we are adding an additional Morning Intention Session, a brief time to gather, turn inward, and set one’s mindset for the day. Be sure to see the schedule of activities at the event for the time and location of these sessions.

Mark’s Bio

I’ve been riding a bike since I was six, a lot of years. In 1995 I joined two friends to ride across the US from San Diego to Fairfax, VA.  I took a book called the Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron as a guide to self analysis and was introduced to journaling as away of understanding one’s self.  I’ve maintained the practice since then.

In 2000 I signed on with Adventure Cycle Tours to ride the Continental Divide that had been mapped a couple years before. On that trip I began a practice of Yoga and some years later completed the Certification as a teacher.  I taught at the local YMCA and at Bike Virginia. That practice was my introduction to Mindful Meditation, moving from the Corpse Pose final yoga position to a regular sitting practice.  I am a clinically trained teacher of therapy and crisis intervention (ACPE) an ordained Lutheran Clergy who serves as an Associate Rector for small group work in an Episcopal Church.  I have published two books: Get a Life: A Second Chance After Fifty and Mapping Your Adventure: Discovering Integrity in a Life Review. I recently completed an IronMan and I am currently training for the IronMan in Kona on October 14.  For more information and my blog you can find me at markcooperauthor.com