• November 25, 2015

Team Registration Takes the Cake for June 2016 Bike Event

Team Registration Takes the Cake for June 2016 Bike Event

Team Registration Takes the Cake for June 2016 Bike Event 1024 683 Bike Virginia

Signing up as a team registration for the 2016 Bike Virginia Tour (June 24-29, 2016) is a great way to save money and have more fun! A team of riders at Bike Virginia is made up of 4 people. Friends, coworkers, club members, new acquaintances, you name it, teams come in all kinds.

Below are 5 great reasons to Team Up!

  1. Save big! When you sign up as a team of 4, you get the very best price for the event registration, a $50 cost savings per each rider on the team. What’s not to love about a great price for a great vacation?
  2. Stay motivated together- Teaming up with 3 other riders is a great way to stay excited about the upcoming June 2016 bike event. Join your team mates for training rides to get you ready for the weekend or 6-day bike adventure. Can’t ride together? That’s okay too. Stay in touch with your teammates on social media to share in the excitement for getting ready for the big bike vacation.
  3. Consider the possibilities- plan out your Virginia biking adventure with your team mates. What Bike Virginia bike routes will you ride? What historic and interesting sights do you want to see? How will you spend your evenings? It’s fun to look at all the possibilities together.
  4. Get ready together- Help plan and organize for the trip. Teammates can make great partners for planning, packing, or bike preparation as the time of the event draws near.
  5. Share the fun! When you arrive at Bike Virginia with your team you’ll receive a warm welcome to kick off your fun bike vacation. Riders come back time and time again to see friends they like to ride with at the event. Your team is sure to have a blast together. Share the exploration and relaxation with your team and take home great memories for all those days when you only get to dream about being on the bike.

Team Registration is offered in an all new format for the 2016 Bike Virginia Tour. Join 3 friends to take advantage of our 4-person team registration program to get great saving and make the event even more fun. Check out the information below and registration page for details.

Team Registration Overview

Quite simply, the process is this:

  • Four (4) people decide to register as a TEAM for the full 6-DAY TOUR
  • One (1) person is the MANAGER who collects funds from the team
  • The manager goes to our online store and purchases a team PASSPORT
  • PASSPORT is a unique registration CODE that can be used exactly four (4) times
  • Please allow up to 24 hours for your unique PASSPORT code to be created
  • We email the PASSPORT to the MANAGER who distributes it amongst the team
  • Each member registers individually and enters their team’s unique PASSPORT code to waive the 6-DAY registration fee.

The team PASSPORT is a great way to obtain a significant discount over our individual 6-DAY registration prices!  With this program, when you order before December 31st, your bike vacation can cost less than $75 per person per day!

Limited quantity of passports available so book your team PASSPORT before they’re all gone!

Click here to purchase your TEAM PASSPORT today!

Please note that any additional purchases made during team registration are the responsibility of each participant (e.g. if a member of the team adds-on the breakfast plan, they still have to pay for it.)

DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE PROGRAM THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON A TEAM PASSPORT AT ANY TIME AND FOR ANY REASON.  This is a departure from our normal registration policy, where individual (non-team) registrations completed prior to a certain date can be cancelled and refunded minus a service fee.  TEAM MANAGER ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE PASSPORT. Don’t lose it or share it with anyone not on the team.  TEAM PASSPORT MUST BE REDEEMED BEFORE ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSES. After purchasing a passport, each team member can register at their leisure, but please be mindful of deadlines for any other promotions (i.e. complimentary jersey) and the end of online registration (May 31st 2016).