• November 15, 2015

2016 Bike Virginia Tour — Volunteer

2016 Bike Virginia Tour — Volunteer

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Whether you’re riding the tour and want to volunteer or traveling with someone who wants to volunteer, becoming a volunteer allows you to meet many great people and help us ensure the event runs smoothly.

Make sure you keep track of your volunteer hours and you will be rewarded with Bike Bucks that can be spent on next year’s Registration or at the Bike Virginia Store.

A complete list of volunteer positions is available below.  Our team leaders will contact you in the spring as the tour draws near to get you on the schedule.

With only four staff, it takes hundreds of volunteers to make an event like the annual Bike Virginia Tour happen!  We couldn’t do it without you, and whether it’s just for a couple of hours or an entire day, your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again and thank you for lending a hand!

When you register for the 2016 Bike Virginia Tour, you will be asked on the form if you are interested in being a volunteer.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.


This is communications central and the home for the Bike Virginia Store. Hospitality is the place where cyclists come to get answers to questions, check for messages, search lost and found or buy Bike Virginia merchandise. Hospitality is open at headquarters from 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. and then again in the afternoon from 12 noon – 6:00 p.m. Are you a people person and want to be where the action is? Hospitality might be just the ticket.

Want to help the tour start off well? Help us direct traffic as the cyclists check in for registration and get settled at their first headquarters. Can you point? Ever wanted to tell a car where to go? Do you enjoy the outdoors? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then the Parking Team is for you. Let us know what time you can help, anytime from 9am – 8pm on Friday, or 6-9am on Saturday.

We know everyone is eager to get settled and prepare for a fun week of biking. We need you and many other volunteers to help make registration as efficient as possible. Registration volunteers typically work a 3-4 hour shift from 10am–8pm on Friday and 6–9am on Saturday. Let us know when you’re arriving and when you’re available and we\\\’ll get you scheduled. Registration is a fun way to greet old friends and make new ones.

Assist riders along the route by helping guide bike traffic, flagging in areas where hazards exist, and helping direct traffic flow at rest stops, lunches, etc. You may ride your bike to the monitor assignment or take your own car.

Assist rest stop groups (community and civic organizations) with equipment pick-up at headquarters in the evenings. Groups pick up fruit, Gatorade, water coolers, etc. each day between 5pm and 6pm to prepare for the next day.

Travel with our comfort station team to remote rest stop locations. Assist in set-up and coordination. Help maintain water and Gatorade stations. Assist with bike parking and other tasks to ensure a pleasant experience for riders. You may also travel by bike to these locations but would need to be mindful of route opening and closing times.

No matter how experienced a cyclist might be, SAG (Support And Gear) may be needed to rescue someone if they have a mechanical failure, or just hit the wall. If you’re going to have your vehicle on Bike Virginia during the week, then this might be the position for you. You’ll need some way of carrying a couple bikes. You can work a morning, an afternoon, a day, or the entire week. We’re flexible. Simply work out your schedule with the SAG Team Captain. The only vehicles allowed on the route are official Bike Virginia SAG vehicles. Other non-riders must drive alternative routes given to them when they register.

Bike Virginia is similar to any small city with one major difference – it moves! You can imagine the logistics of setting up headquarters, tearing it down, and then setting it up all over again. Generally, non-cyclists assist us with this operation, but our goal is to have each volunteer bike if they want. Schedules can be arranged so you can help with headquarters and still bike in the morning or afternoon; volunteers can also alternate days.