• April 25, 2017

Waterboy Sports Now Bike Virginia Sponsor

Waterboy Sports Now Bike Virginia Sponsor

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Announcing Waterboy Sports Now a Bike Virginia  Sponsor 

March 2017

Bike Virginia is delighted to share that Waterboy Sports has joined Bike Virginia as a sponsor. 

Through their very gracious work with our organization we are going to be revolutionizing the way we serve water to our 2,000 guests (riders, volunteers, staff, and community members) during Bike Virginia’s annual event.  watery sports a-frame inline water system

Waterboy Sport’s A-Frame Inline Drinking Systems will largely replace water coolers at our event center and rest stop locations. This opportunity creates easier access, easier clean up, and more efficient storage. We will also be able to provide in-line water filtration to improve drinking water taste at the rest stops.

You may remember the big plastic Gatorade coolers we’ve used in the past. They required labor intensive refilling and cleaning all throughout the day. They also required a large amount of storage and transportation space. This became quite burdensome for the community groups which hosted our rest stops. On more than on occassion we completely stuffed a small car and even a bigger SUV with orange water coolers on top of boxes of fruit and hydration mix. We are excited to be able to almost completely eliminate that kind of cooler from our event. The Waterboy Sports inline water system allows riders to easily dispense water into their bottles, quickly and cleanly.  

Providing easy access to water is one of the jobs we take most serious at our events. As you know, water is critical to survival and things get complicated if a group of riders cannot get access to water. Our rest stop, hospitality centers are placed along the bike routes about every 20 miles. This ensures that riders can refuel and replenish all throughout the day.

Riders are served a variety of foods and a hydration beverage at each of the Bike Virginia Rest Stops, a total of over 25 stops in the 6 day event. To read more about nourisment at our event visit the Food page.

Thanks the team at Waterboy Sports and our staff member, Cynthia Bashton, Health and Safety Coordinator for making this collaboration possible.