• May 21, 2012

See the sights and learn something new too!

See the sights and learn something new too!

150 150 Bike Virginia

Spend your days exploring the many historic sites along the pretty routes of the 2012 Bike Virginia Tour, then when you get back to camp you’ll have a chance to learn something new in our Expand Your Mind learning series.



4:00-5:00pm“Edible Pharmaceuticals, Spices for Health and Vitality” Lecture.  Speaker Geo Derick, MSc, RH(AHG), Registered Clinical Herbalist, Master of Science in Herbal Medicine (Located at CCHS Headquarters Cafeteria


4:00pm-5:00pm: “How to talk about cycling to a conservative – or practically anyone for that matter” lecture.  Speaker – Thomas Bowden, JD, Bike Virginia Chair (WWMS Headquarters Cafeteria)


4:00-5:00pm: “Thank You For Seeing Me: Cultivating Compassion on the Road” lecture.  Speaker – Kat Fowler, Founder of Thank You for Seeing Me, (WWMS Headquarters Cafeteria)