• November 15, 2012

Alpine Cycle Connection: Bike Virginia Hotel Tour Central Reservations

Alpine Cycle Connection: Bike Virginia Hotel Tour Central Reservations

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Alpine Cycle Connection:  Managing Bike Virginia Tour Hotel Central Reservations

NEW for 2013 – Bike Virginia Tour is pleased to announce that it will be working
with Alpine Cycle Connection regarding hotel accommodation bookings for the 2013 ride.

Alpine Cycle Connection comes to us with over 18 years of experience in the
support of cycling events in the Western United States. We welcome the support
they are bringing to the participants and host communities of BVT.

Making Reservations Seamless and Comprehensive

Alpine Cycle Connection LogoAlpine Cycle Connection will fulfill the role of central reservations for BVT and
provide a true one stop shopping experience for registered participants to find the best hotel deals.

Their services also include hotel baggage delivery service.

Alpine Cycle Connection will be coordinating bus service back to the starting point for those participants wishing
to retrieve their vehicles after moving to the 2nd headquarters.

Participants who have registered with the Bike Virginia Tour will have an opportunity
to submit their request for hotels, motels and B&B’s. Requests must be submitted through Alpine Cycle Connection’s website and will be handled on a first come first
serve basis.

Hotel Reservations Open December 1st

Alpine Cycle Connection will begin taking reservation requests on Saturday,
December 1 @ 8 AM EST.

Please visit cyclewithalpine.com for more details.