2018 Bike Virginia Tour Team Passport

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NEW FOR 2018!  Team PASSPORT now supports team sizes of Four (4), Eight (8), or Sixteen (16). The larger the team, the more you save!

The team PASSPORT is a great way to obtain a SIGNIFICANT discount over our individual registration prices!

For example, if you order before December 31st, for a team of four, that comes out to be less than $75 per person, per day!

However, quantities are limited… first come, first served. So get your team PASSPORT today before they’re gone!

Quite simply, the process is this:

  • Four (4) or Eight (8) or Sixteen (16) people decide to register as a TEAM for the full 6-DAY TOUR
  • One (1) person is the MANAGER who collects all of the funds from the team
  • The MANAGER goes to our online store and purchases a team PASSPORT
  • The PASSPORT is a unique registration CODE that can be used exactly four (4) or eight (8) or sixteen (16) times
  • We email the PASSPORT to the MANAGER who distributes it amongst the team
  • Each team member registers individually for the tour and enters their team’s unique PASSPORT code to waive the 6-DAY registration fee.

Please note that any additional purchases made during registration are the responsibility of each participant (e.g. if a member of the team makes a donation, they still have to pay for it.)

DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE PROGRAM THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON A TEAM PASSPORT AT ANY TIME AND FOR ANY REASON.  This is a departure from our normal registration policy, where individual (non-team) registrations completed prior to a certain date can be cancelled and refunded minus a service fee.  TEAM MANAGER ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE PASSPORT. Don’t lose it or share it with anyone not on the team.  PURCHASING A TEAM PASSPORT DOES NOT REGISTER YOU FOR THE TOUR. Each team member must register individually and use their unique team passport code to waive the registration fee. TEAM PASSPORT MUST BE REDEEMED BEFORE ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSES. After purchasing a passport, each team member can register at their leisure, but please be mindful of deadlines for any other promotions (e.g. complimentary jersey) and the end of online registration. EACH TEAM NEEDS THEIR OWN PASSPORT. Team size is limited to four or eight or sixteen. If you have more friends, make another team.

The team PASSPORT is not a tangible item as shown.  It is a unique virtual code sent through email that may be redeemed exactly 4 or 8 or 16 times during online registration for the 2018 Bike Virginia Tour 6-DAY package.

Please allow up to 24 hours for your unique PASSPORT code to be created.  Look for an email with the subject “Note added to your Bike Virginia order…”  Your team’s unique PASSPORT code will be contained within that email.

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