• November 8, 2012

2014 Bike Virginia Tour Route Info

2014 Bike Virginia Tour Route Info

Bike Virginia

Bike Virginia 2014

Welcome to the Heart of Bike Virginia…The Routes! Riding is why we exist.

For 2014 the tour will head back East. It’s been 7 years since we’ve gone East and we’re exploring some all new riding too!

We want to show you (by bike) the beauty of the great state of Virginia.

During the 2014 event we’ll offer 6 days of riding. Participants can sign up for a day or two, a long weekend, or all 6. We recommend that you read our general route information to learn about how the tour works.

Route Details for 2014 will be made available at 7pm on November 14, 2013. Come to our live Event Announcement Party or follow us on Facebook on 11/14 for up-to-the-minute details.

More Riding

In 2013 we offered 6 days or riding for the first time.  We loved it and so did the riders. Look for Friday to be kick-off day for our riding adventure in 2014.

Route Time

The routes will be open starting at 7:00 am each day (except Friday which will be 12-noon) and will close at 5:00pm.  Getting on the route is up to you as we do not have a mass start, however we do ask that you depart by 9:00 am to ensure you are back by the time routes close at 5:00.

Route Lengths

Our main route (the Pink Route) is between 40-60 miles each day.  Everyday (except move days) we will have different route options, varying from 25 or 30 miles up to 100 miles!  Each day is dependent on the sights, terrain, and points of interest.  Please note that on move days, days that camp relocates, we will not have a short option as you will need to ride from our first host community, to the second.  On the last day we will all ride back to the start.

Difficulty Ratings

The overall rating for the 2014 Tour is a 5 on a scale of 1-10.  Each route option for the day will have a difficulty rating.  As we finalizing riding plans for 2014 we will assign a difficulty rating to each day of the tour.

Route difficulty is rated on a 1-10 scale and is determined by elevation gain (climbing), distance of route, and experience.  Elevation for the 2014 tour has been determined using Ride with GPS software. We will be publishing individual route difficulty for each day as we near the event and they will be printed in your tour guide that you receive at registration.

1 = Easy

10 = Most Difficult

The 2013 ride was rated a 7 with some routes 9+ in difficulty.