• October 22, 2015

Bike Virginia Tour — Double Vision

Bike Virginia Tour — Double Vision

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Bike Virginia has Double Vision!

There’s an exciting, revolutionary format change at Bike Virginia that doubles the fun! In 2015 we kicked off this new format and riders loved it! Read what they had to say.

Remember move days at the old Bike Virginia? That day when you had to pack your gear, toss it onto a big semi, then you had to ride out to camp 2 leaving your car behind? And, remember the last day of the tour, you had to pack up and ride back to your car, and look for your gear as it came off the truck? The Double Vision format much is much better!

That old format has been completely revamped for 2015 and will continue based on rider feedback. Introducing “Double Vision”, the event model that lets you have more control over your Bike Virginia Tour experience.

With Double Vision, we will have 2 headquarters and 6 days of riding, just like in the past, but those two headquarters now offer a matched experience in convenience and ride selection. On Move Day (Monday) participants will toss their gear in their car first thing in the morning and will make a short drive to Headquarters 2. There you’ll enjoy 3 more days of riding (beginning at 9am).

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday have now become loop days, giving you more riding options based on how you feel and what you’d like to see. Look for short, medium,  and long options on each of the days, Saturday through Wednesday. This new format allows you to have more control over your experience.

With the Double Vision plan you will have all the benefits of HQ1 at HQ 2. Your car will be easily accessible for the entire tour, and you will have multiple route choices on Monday and Wednesday, days that had traditionally been linear routes between HQ1 and HQ2 and back.

On the last day of the tour, you can ride a short ride, or something longer. You can pack your camp before you ride or afterwards… the choices are all yours! Departing from headquarters 2 gives you more control over your final day of riding and your travel home.

Double Vision also allows you to come for just the last 3 days of the tour, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Previously two of those days had been linear, posing logistics challenges for riders that wanted to join only on the weekdays of the event.

Highlights of the Double Vision format at Bike Virginia

  • You have access to your car the entire time
  • The ride finishes at camp 2, where your car will be located. Finish at your leisure, enjoy lunch, and then hit the road when you’re ready. No waiting on your gear, no mandatory ride length.
  • Every day of the tour pick a route that suits your energy, preference, even on move day and on the last day.
  • Move day (Monday) relocation is done by you in your car so your gear is never out of your possession.
  • On move day (Monday) set up camp before or after you ride, the choice is yours.
  • Have your extra gear handy at camp in your car. Take an extra bike, or take clothing for changing weather, the choices are limited only to the space you have in your car.
  • You will have access to emergency storm shelter and device charging in your car.
  • If the weather turns bad or you need to go home, you can go at any time.
  • No loading your luggage onto a truck so baggage restrictions no longer apply (just remember that we still have space constraints, and cooking is not allowed in any format).
  • Family or friends that travel with you will have access to the car for the entire tour.
  • Participants can now easily come for the second half of the tour (the weekday option) and still have a full tour experience with multiple route options.