We know food is an important and fun part of a bike tour. We’ll offer a full compliment of meal choices for your tour. Read below to learn what’s included and what other food options you’ll have on the 2012 Bike Virginia Tour.

Included Meals

Lunch (5 meals)

Registered riders and registered non-riders will be provided a catered lunch each day of the 5 day tour.  We’ll arrange healthy enjoyable meals that provide you with plenty of energy for riding. Vegetarian options are available. Be sure to select the vegetarian choice at the time of registration if that fits your dietary preference.

Lunches are held along the route or at the end of your tour for the day, depending on the route length. Our goal is to have lunch in a beautiful and possibly even historic location so you can kick back, enjoy something delicious and soak up the experience of the New River Valley.

Registered participants wear a wrist band and will be served one lunch meal per day.

Rest Stops

In addition to lunch each day you will have access to all the goodies you can eat and drink at our Rest Stops.  We will have a minimum of 2 rest stops per day.  More Rest Stops are provided on longer routes.

Optional Meals

Breakfast Pre-Purchased Plan(5 meals)

Breakfast in Charlottesville

Breakfast is not included with registration but we offer a 5 day breakfast plan as an option. In the past, the Bike Virginia Tour has relied on schools for breakfasts….and as many of you know that can result in institution grade food. Yuck! We’ve listened to your input and this year we’ve made a major revamp to our breakfasts, bringing in a catering service (not from the K-12 schools) who will roll out the good stuff in a timely fashion.

Riders who want to enjoy our breakfasts must purchase the breakfast meal plan for an additional $60.  This option can be added to your registration when you register for the tour.

We’ve put a new spin on Breakfast this year, no grade school food! We’ve brought in professional caters with a chef-designed-menu that you are just going to love. Just reading the selections got me hungry. I’ve already had to break for a snack while working on the menu section of the website!

Purchasing the 5 meal breakfast plan will get you access to a convenient and delicious meal right at tent city. If you’re staying in a hotel, we’re only a short shuttle away. Breakfast will be served from 5:30-8:30am each day of the tour.


Pre-Purchased Dinners (3 meals)

Let us take the worries out of your evening dining. Our 2012 tour will include 3 catered dinner meals.  Generally the dinners are located at planned events specific to the tour (i.e. if there is a festival going on in downtown Berryville one evening there will also be a dinner).

Riders who want to enjoy our dinners must purchase the dinner meal plan for an additional $60.  This option can be added to your registration when you register for the tour.

Dinner Meal Plan: Saturday, Monday, Tuesday

Evening Festival

Riders who purchase the meal plan will have a special designation on their rider ID wristband.  Meal tickets are not available for purchase at the door at meal sites or at event check-in.

Three meals will be included in the $60 pre-purchase dinner plan. We will offer shuttles from tent city to dinner each of the three nights. You’ll also be in the perfect spot to enjoy the evening’s entertainment as the meals are served at the evening entertainment location.