We take food seriously at Bike Virginia and after a lot of great feedback we’ve created a brand new way to bring you great meals.

RETURNING¬†Our ‚ÄúFood Truck Fiesta!‚ÄĚ gives you more choices than ever and more flexibility for eating.

Registrants will receive a specified number of lunch¬†tokens with registration. Exchange those tokens for designated meals (entr√©e and drink) at our Food Truck Fiesta! between the hours of 11:30am–8:30pm each day.

Our Food Truck vendors will also sell snacks and additional meals so there are plenty of fresh, nutritious options to keep you fueled up for the road. Please carry cash for these additional purchases.

RETURNING Breakfast is à la carte!  You can purchase just what you want from specific Food Trucks and onsite coffee vendors.

LUNCH¬†TOKENS¬†(or wooden “coins”) are part of a program that is¬†returning¬†for 2018!

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions… so if you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Read on to learn about how this system works and the flexibility it has for you and your fellow cyclists.

How many tokens will I get?

Riders will receive ONE token PER DAY with their registration (except Friday).

  • 6-DAY TOUR¬†registrations will receive 5 tokens (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
  • 3-DAY WEEKEND registrations will receive 2 tokens (Saturday, Sunday)
  • 3-DAY WEEKDAY registrations will receive 3 tokens¬†(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

You will receive all of your tokens when you pick up your registration packet at check-in.

WHAT can I use my tokens for?

Each token can be used for a single Bike Virginia designated meal choice, consisting of a lunch-portioned size entree and a drink.

Participating food trucks will have one or more specially designated choices that have been approved by Bike Virginia and reviewed by a nutritionist.  Food trucks may also offer additional items for sale that are not included in the Bike Virginia lunch token program.

WHERE can I use my tokens?

You can redeem your tokens at our Food Truck Fiesta!  We will have a variety of food trucks each day conveniently located at our Headquarters.

WHEN can I use my tokens?

The Food Truck Fiesta runs at Headquarters each day from 11:30am to 8:30pm.  That means you can eat lunch when you want, based on your riding schedule each day, and not worry that you will have missed a meal.  The only exception is that on Wednesday, the tour officially concludes at 5pm, including our vendors, so plan accordingly.

What about Breakfast?

Breakfast is no longer a traditional, catered meal. We will have food trucks and coffee vendors onsite providing coffee and food à la carte (for cash).

What about Dinner?

You are on your own. ¬†Some riders find between the bountiful comfort station “rest stops”, a premium stop each day, and a late lunch back at HQ that they are satisfied. ¬†For those who want more, you can purchase additional meals and snacks from our vendors on-site, or venture out and explore the surrounding neighborhood.

Choices, choices, choices

You said I have more choices and flexibility than ever before.  What do you mean?


Each day we will have several food truck vendors available who will be serving different types of food.  One truck may cater to vegetarians, another to meat lovers.  Some may serve international fare, while others will have more local comfort foods.  Choices and participation may vary, but we will do our best to have a good variety of healthy options for you to choose from.


Our food vendors will be serving around the clock between 11:30am and 8:30pm, so you can choose when you want to eat, and not worry about meal times conflicting with your riding schedule (or vice versa).  This is especially true for our century riders that may spend the entire day away from camp.


You decide how and when to use the lunch tokens in your possession. You can have one meal each day, or you can use up all of your tokens in a single day!  Keep in mind, once you run out of tokens, you will have to pay for any additional food from our vendors.  Spend (or Save) your tokens wisely!

Do I have to eat at Headquarters?

Of course not!  We encourage you to visit the local community to enjoy nearby restaurants (at your own expense).

Why do you call it a lunch token if I can use it for dinner?

Regardless of when or how you use the token, we wanted to stress that the portion size¬†is¬†more suited for lunch than dinner.¬†Besides, if McDonald’s can serve breakfast all-day, we can serve lunch ’til late!

Hey,¬†I still have a question…

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have.

Each day you will have access to refreshments at our Comfort Station “rest stops”.¬† We will have a minimum of¬†one station¬†every 20–25 miles.¬† On an average route there will be two. More are provided on longer routes.

We will have one¬†Premium Comfort Station¬†each day. At this super-duper stop you‚Äôll get a special treat, something regional or some other catered food item that‚Äôs guaranteed to be tasty! ¬†Includes fruit, drinks, snacks and the¬†special menu item¬†(see 2015’s schedule below):


Ice Cream Floats


Black Beans & Yellow rice (topped with salsa and sour cream)


Pimento Cheese Sandwiches


Tomato Sandwiches


Salt Potatoes


Ice Cream Floats

NOTE: premium comfort station menu has not been set; subject to change

FAQ How much food do I get?

Our rest stops are very plentiful. We guide the community groups on what to serve, but they ultimately decide what is provided. We also have a caterer at 1 rest stop each day with sandwiches or root-beer floats, or salt potatoes. For some that serves as a light lunch and the lunch token is then used later in the day (you can use the token until 8:30pm).

If you have questions, please contact us.

Vendors will be onsite for our Food Truck Fiesta!¬†Look for a variety of offerings to be served from 11:30am–8:30pm.

In the mornings there will be food trucks serving breakfast and coffee vending. Please carry cash for these vendors.

Beer and wine garden at headquarters for tasty adult refreshments. Opens daily at 1pm and closes at 9pm (3pm on Wednesday)

We no longer offer a traditional, catered breakfast plan.

RETURNING Breakfast is now à la carte!  You can purchase what you want from specific food trucks and other coffee vendors onsite at headquarters.

RETURNING our Double Vision format gives you access to your car for the entire tour!

Be sure to read about all the exciting changes that come with the Double Vision format.